Solid Realty Group is a very professional company and business. I had a great experience while working with the owner, Jessica Johnson during the summer of 2017. During this time, she meticulously helped me find a house to rent, even though she primarily works with clients who are looking to own or sell property. Regardless, she was still able to help me through this process. After about 4-5 weeks of searching with no luck, I became very stressed and discouraged in finding a house before the end of my current lease. However, Jessica was not once doubtful in her ability to find me the perfect house that fit all of my requirements: a yard for two large dogs, location, price, etc. Jessica was honest, responsive, respectful, and compassionate. Her main goal is to see that her clients’ needs are met and that they aren’t being steamrolled by other property managers. Renting/purchasing new property is a big deal and Jessica treats it as such. She has so much knowledge about the real estate market and she shares all pertinent information with her clients. I have been in the new house for 5 ½ months and the pups and I are so happy! I will definitely be contacting Solid Reality Group when I am ready to purchase a house that I can call my own! I highly recommend contacting Jessica Johnson for your property needs! Thank you Jessica!