What To Expect From a Planned Wellness Community

April 25, 2024

What To Expect From a Planned Wellness Community

What To Expect From a Planned Wellness Community

Beyond traditional HOA-managed neighborhoods, which often feature swimming pools and playgrounds, lies a new trend in real estate built around wellness. These intentional residential developments are designed to promote physical, mental and emotional well-being. Wellness communities aim to foster healthy lifestyles and a sense of belonging — and you just might be surprised at the amenities they offer.

The Great Outdoors
Paved walking and biking pathways can stretch for miles in wellness communities. They wind through parks, playgrounds and wooded areas, providing easy access to fitness for all. Resort-style pools offer a chance to exercise and socialize with others while soaking up some vitamin D. In addition to more traditional tennis or basketball courts, neighborhoods might now feature bocce ball and pickleball courts. Outdoor amenities also include community gardens and even activities like blueberry picking.

Neighborhood Perks
Wellness communities can make daily living easier with on-site car washes, fitness classes and eateries. Grab a book at the neighborhood library or engage in self-care with salt saunas, massages or LED light therapy at the local spa.

Transformative Health Benefits
Residents in these communities report that benefits are not short-lived — they can see physical and mental changes in themselves. Whether escaping on a long nature walk or joining a mindfulness class, regular exercise and reducing stress are known to alleviate the risk of many health issues. A feeling of belonging with get-togethers like barbecues and movie nights encourages social well-being.

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