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Unusual Elements for Unique Homes

February 9, 2024

Unusual Elements for Unique Homes

Unusual Elements for Unique Homes

Spacious closets, welcoming patios and functional laundry rooms are at the top of buyers' lists, but what if you prefer more uncommon elements? If you're looking for a home as rare as a unicorn, these curious features are sure to hit the mark.

Sunken Living Room
A nod to the groovy 1970s, sunken living rooms are making a comeback. Literally set into the floor, these living spaces are cozy, often featuring plush seating with an abundance of pillows. Sunken living rooms keep spaces open while providing an intimate setting for conversation. A lowered living space can also make a home feel larger.

There are home essentials, and then there are luxuries like residential elevators. Both convenient and glamorous, they also make homes accessible for those with mobility challenges. Some residential elevators offer energy-efficient options and can be customized to complement a home's style. Be aware, they do require regular maintenance to keep running properly.

Secret Room
What's more intriguing and unusual than a secret room in your house? From a man cave behind a bookshelf to a false wall in a closet to safely hide valuables, a secret room is an investment that will definitely be unique.

Mature, beautiful trees can give a property a grand feel, but a fun treehouse plants an elevated touch of whimsy. Treehouses have compelling and impressive benefits. They offer privacy and a unique space for making cherished childhood memories.

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