Twice as Nice: Second Homes Enhance Work-Life Balance

March 15, 2024

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Twice as Nice: Second Homes Enhance Work-Life Balance

Second homes aren't just for vacations anymore. With the rise in remote work, some people are now living one life in two homes. Unlike a typical smaller vacation home in a popular destination, bi-residential living sees second homes equal in size to the main home but in a nearby, contrasting community.

For example, this arrangement might allow someone who lives in an urban setting to also enjoy the relaxed comfort of the country on a regular basis. Instead of the hassle often associated with long getaways, these second homes grant access to a vacation-like atmosphere with a quick weekend turnaround. This duality of living brings the idyllic life of retirement well before age 65.

For city dwellers, second homes can also offer work-life balance amenities like fishing, horseback riding, water sports, and skiing — all within a few hours' drive from the main residence. Instead of ending a remote workday with loud traffic noise, they're listening to the birds chirping on a mountain hike. Plus, many second homes are in locations with lower real estate costs than the primary residence.

Splitting time between two homes increases connection with others, too. Even semi-living in another community gives a sense of belonging and support that just visiting doesn't deliver. From making friends at the nearby bodega to frequenting local restaurants, the reciprocal benefits of living in a second community enhance time away from work.

As more companies loosen the reins and adapt to a remote workforce, the number of people engaging in bi-residential living will rise. By reducing commuting stress and opening up global business opportunities, remote work is a win-win for employees as well as employers.

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