Title Insurance: Need it or Skip it?

October 30, 2022

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On this episode of The Real Estate of Texas presented by Solid Realty Group, Title Insurance. All the things you wanted to know and didn’t want to know about home titles in the State of Texas. We’re chatting with a special guest, Roberta Brown of Alamo Title Company who brings a real passion to the topic. She explains all the pitfalls and setbacks that can happen to a homeowner in regard to title insurance. Also, what’s the difference between title companies? Can you receive a discount on title insurance? Jessica and Cali get all the answers for their listeners.

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Episode #116 – Title Insurance: Need It or Skip It?

Original Air Date: 10/29/22.
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Episode #116 – The Real Estate of Texas: Title Insurance: Need it or Skip it?

Jessica [00:00:00] When you don’t get a title policy that’s attached to your home, when you become the new buyer, what’s the biggest kind of setback that people can really have on that?
Roberta Brown [00:00:09] Well, you can have a seller or prior owners of the property that have, like, federal tax liens.
Jessica [00:00:15] Mm hmm.
Roberta Brown [00:00:15] There could have been somebody that filed some kind of an affidavit or a materialman’s lien against this property. There are a multitude of issues that can come up.
INTRO [00:00:26] Welcome to The Real Estate of Texas with the Gals of the Hill Country brought to you by Solid Realty Group in Boerne, Texas at SolidRealtyGroup.com. And now your hosts, Jessica Johnson and Cali Redd.
Cali [00:00:40] Hello, everybody. And thanks so much for tuning in today to The Real Estate of Texas presented by Solid Realty Group. I’m Cali Redd, here with my business partner, Jessica Johnson.
Jessica [00:00:49] Hi, everybody. We are upstairs at the beautiful 153 Main here at Richter’s and enjoying this beautiful sunny morning. So we are so happy to have everybody here and we’re super excited for our Boerne Business Spotlight later today, too.
Cali [00:01:04] Yes.
Jessica [00:01:04] Stay tuned.
Cali [00:01:05] Yes. And today our featured guest is Roberta Brown with Alamo Title and she’s going to tell us all about everything, “Title.” Welcome Roberta. Roberta. And thanks for joining us.
Roberta Brown [00:01:13] Good morning and thank you so much for having me. It is really an honor to be with two of the best real estate professionals in the State of Texas. I have known these ladies for a long, long time and I’ve closed a lot of deals with them. And these are definitely the ladies you want to call if you have a real estate transaction that you need help with.
Jessica [00:01:33] Yes. And we always need help getting our title insurance set up. So one of the big questions I think a lot of people always ask us is why is it so expensive and what is it actually for?
Roberta Brown [00:01:43] Backing up just a tiny bit, you will definitely want to choose a title company that’s been in business for a long time. One of the big title companies in the Boerne area, San Antonio area, Alamo Title has been in business longer than anybody. We’ve been in business for more than 100 years and you have to remember that a title policy, it’s going to ensure the buyer free and clear title. And we’ll get into that just a little bit more in just a moment. But in this type of market where things are starting to get a little bit softer, you want to make sure that you choose a title company that is going to be around for the long haul. So if you have a claim two or three years from now, you want to make sure you’re able to call the title company and actually file a claim. Some of the smaller title companies, you know, might go by the wayside when this market softens up like it is. So I just wanted to kind of put that out there. Alamo Title is the number one title company in the area, and we’ve got your back. What is title insurance? Title insurance is an indemnity agreement between the title company and the buyer. So basically, you choose your title company and we are going to issue a title policy at the end of the closing. There’s a lot of things that happen before the closing, but at the end of the closing, you’re ultimately going to receive a owner’s title policy. And what that does is it defends you, your rightful claim to legal ownership of the property.
Jessica [00:03:16] So so I guess for people that don’t really understand title policy, I think my explanation is I kind of tell them it’s like a background check, like you’re just checking to make sure that there’s nothing attached to the home that the new people could potentially be responsible for, right?
Roberta Brown [00:03:31] That is correct. So we do when we get a contract, when we get a receipted contract to start the title policy process, we have an abstracting plant or a title plant. They do a complete search on the property and they also search people that are in title. So so it could be our current seller. It could be a few seller’s back, but we’re going to search and we’re looking for judgments, liens, we’re looking for unpaid taxes, we’re looking for defects in title. We’re looking for incorrect documents. Sometimes documents have what’s called scrivener’s errors, errors, which are basically just, you know, a typing error. You know, it could be a bad legal description or something like that. So we have to clear title in order to, of course, close the transaction and ultimately issue a title policy. So basically, this is going to protect the seller against again, claims in their ownership of the policy. The seller has moved on after closing. So the buyer is the one that has the title policy and is insured by the title company. So for example, if there are any kind of defects in the title, if there’s something that comes up after closing that was not taken care of and there could be all different, a whole range of different type of issues that can come up. You never want to buy a piece of property without purchasing title insurance. That is a very, very bad decision to purchase a piece of property without title insurance. And I’m not saying.
Jessica [00:05:10] So when you say that, just so people understand, when you don’t get a title policy that’s attached to your home, when you become the new buyer, what’s the biggest kind of setback that people can really have on that?
Roberta Brown [00:05:21] While you can have a seller or prior owners of the property that have like federal tax liens, there could have been somebody that filed some kind of an affidavit or a materialman’s lean against this property. There are a multitude of issues that can come up buying, buying a property without title insurance, you have a chance to be buying a brick, you know, a property that you cannot sell, a property that you cannot refinance. Going through a title company is going to ensure that you’ve got free and clear title on that property and that the title company is going to defend you if there is a claim against your property. And so basically say, for example, we do what’s called an airship affidavit when there is somebody that’s deceased in the chain of title and there is no probated will, we do what’s called an airship affidavit. We have to go through an attorney to prepare that document. I had one a couple of years ago and the people filled out the information. There was two brothers that were selling a property. Their father was deceased and they said, you know, they’re the only two children. And they filled out all the paperwork. We had the airship affidavit prepared by an attorney. There has to be two disinterested parties that sign it. In other words, people that have known the family for a long time that can attest to the facts of the life of the deceased. So it was the family dentist that was one of the one of the parties. Well, we’ve known the family for like 30 years.
Cali [00:06:54] And there was no wife out there somewhere.
Roberta Brown [00:06:56] Exactly. So she she had deceased several years before and she had a will and it was probated. So it was only these two boys, the two sons that were, you know, going to be in title and were going to be the heirs of the father’s property. So we sent the airship affidavit over to the dentist. He calls me and he says, “What about the two girls?” And I said, What two girls? And he said, This family adopted two girls. And so you have to list all the children, whether natural or adopted. And that was not listed in the questionnaire that we had sent out to the boys. So I immediately called the boy and I said, “You know what? Your dentist, your dentist said [inaudible], what happened with these two girls?” And he says, “Oh, you know, I seem to remember there were two girls while I was growing up,” and I was like, “What?” I said, “Your parents adopted two girls, is that correct?” And he said, “Well, yeah, I yeah, there were two girls.” And so at that point, that’s some false information. And that makes the title company very, very nervous. These are the kind of things that title companies protect against. So if you have an airship affidavit that was filed on this property ten years ago and there was false information and all of a sudden say these, one of the adopted girls came up, knocked on the door and said, this was my dad’s house. I was supposed to get part of the money in the sale of the property. Then boom, you’ve got a claim against the title company. You need to call the title company and file a claim because we are going to defend you against that claim of your ownership of your property. So that’s just one example. You know, there are many, many examples. Taxes. There’s taxes that have not been collected properly by a previous title company or in a previous transaction. All of a sudden, a buyer gets a bill for $7K or $8K in taxes, and they’re going to give me a call and say, what happened here and we’re going to go back. We’re most likely, if it was not if it was an error made previously, we’re going to go ahead and pay it and then we’re going to go after the people that were supposed to pay it in the beginning. So we’re going to take care of our buyer.
Cali [00:09:09] That’s more like property taxes. So not like a federal lien tax situation.
Roberta Brown [00:09:12] It can be a federal lien, it can be child support liens, it can be judgments. You know, you never know what’s out there until you do an actual title commitment, which is our search of the property, which you’re going to receive that after the receipt of contract. And it’s going to show you every single thing that is filed against that property with the county clerk’s office. You know, we’re going to pull all the deed records and we’re going to search those thoroughly. If we see that the risk is too high, we’re probably not going to be able to close it. Unfortunately, if the seller is not able to cure title defects, then we might not have a closing. But just like Jessica and Cali, we are solution-oriented people and we’ve got a plan A, B, C and D for everything. And if it’s at all possible, we’re going to get that deal to close.
Jessica [00:10:00] Just in case you’re joining us on the show, we are talking with Miss Roberta Brown over at Alamo Title and she’s telling us why the title policies are so important for people when they transfer the house from one ownership to the other.
Cali [00:10:12] So tell us about something that you might see on a policy that that as a buyer, you might say, “hey, I want to object to that. That’s on the title, that’s on the disclosure that you send out the time commitment.”
Roberta Brown [00:10:23] Yeah. So on the title commitment, we’re going to list all the title exceptions. So these are things that the title company will not insure. They’re they’re called exceptions because they’re outside of the title policy coverage. And they could be easements, they could be pipeline easements, they can be, you know, set back lines. They can be encroachments. You know, if you have a shed in the back and part of the shed goes over into the neighbor’s property and goes over the property line, those are going to be things that we cannot insure. So you always want to to obtain a survey, a very good, clear, legible survey that’s somewhat current.
Jessica [00:11:04] So you can’t use the one from 1878 that you still have in your file box. Is that what you’re saying, Roberta?
Roberta Brown [00:11:10] You know what? As I said, I am solution-oriented.
Cali [00:11:15] If then. But you might not want to.
Roberta Brown [00:11:16] Well, You might not want to. Well, if it’s a vacant piece of land and nothing has changed, then, you know, we might be able to use an older survey like that. You know, of course, we’re we’re not here to cost people a whole bunch of money. By the way, the cost of a title policy is set by the Texas Department of Insurance, the state of Texas. Those policy fees are promulgated throughout the state of Texas. So no matter where you close, no matter what title company you close in, the title policy fee is going to be exactly the same, and we’re not allowed to give discounts on the title policy. I had somebody asked me the other day if we could give a military discount. Unfortunately, that is a big, big no, no. And we can, of course, be fined. And so the only difference between one title company and another is, of course, you know, the fact that our title company, Alamo Title, will be here for a long, long time and will be here to protect you, you know, for years to come. But the escrow fee and the level of customer service, you know, customer service is huge. And that’s why, you know, Jessica and Cali they’re, they’re big on customer service also. That’s why we speak the same language. I think customer service is a dying art. and I love working with people who firmly believe in picking up the phone and talking to people, you know, let’s communicate. Communication is the key. And having, having the correct information from the get go on any given real estate transaction is going to be the key to a very smooth real estate transaction. And luckily, you know, Solid Realty Group these girls know what they’re doing. These girls.
Jessica [00:12:55] Yeah, but we wouldn’t know what we were doing without the help of experts like you, Roberta, where we know that we can put our trust in that and understand that that title policy is going to be taken care of.
Cali [00:13:04] I’ve got another question for you, so maybe you can explain for all of our listeners out there a little bit of the difference between a special warranty deed and like a quit claim deed.
Roberta Brown [00:13:14] Oh, goodness gracious. You’re going to make me get into a kind of a legal talk. And unfortunately, I’ve got to kind of back away from that.
Cali [00:13:21] Okay. You don’t explain the differences in the type of deeds.
Roberta Brown [00:13:23] Well, we will insure a special warranty deed. We will insure a general warranty deed. We will insure a warranty deed with vendor’s lien. The only kind of deed you absolutely want to stay away from in the state of Texas is a quitclaim deed.
Cali [00:13:37] That’s what I just asked you. Explain the difference.
Unidentified [00:13:40] [inaudible].
Cali [00:13:45] So what is a quick claim deed?
Roberta Brown [00:13:48] A quitclaim deed is a deed that’s used in other states besides Texas.
Cali [00:13:53] You see it sometimes, though. If you go to the to the cad, you’ll see it sometimes. Yeah.
Roberta Brown [00:13:58] People download them from the Internet and they fill them out themselves without going through an attorney. Y’all need. An attorney needs to prepare legal documents. Anything that’s going to be recorded at the county clerk deed records needs to be prepared by an attorney. Don’t try to download your own deed and fill it out yourself. If you need to transfer title, you know, give one of these girls a call or give a title company a call. And we’re going to we’re going to, you know, turn you in the correct direction on how to get help with that.
Cali [00:14:29] So when I go into. if I’m looking at a property for a client and I go or if you’re looking at a property as a consumer and you can go as, as we all know, to the appraisal district and you can sort of see a history a little bit, you know, the last three transactions or whatever. So if you see on there a quickclaim deed on the property, then what’s going to happen when it comes to the title company to close again.
Roberta Brown [00:14:49] The title company is going to ask that that deed be reassigned and refiled in most cases. In most cases, if the person.
Cali [00:14:59] But what if it was three transactions ago, and the people who are now selling it don’t know anything about anything than what happens?
Roberta Brown [00:15:04] That happens sometimes. And sometimes I have to run it up the chain to the state underwriter and, you know, send them cookies, send them liquor. Liquor to do bribery. I am not above bribery and say, hey, you know, this person that signed the quick claim deed is deceased and we have absolutely no way to replace this deed. But quitclaim deeds are trouble, so please stay away from those. Please reach out to a professional. Reach out to an attorney. If you do need to transfer title outside of a title company or outside of working with a Realtor®, say one family member to another. Please contact a real estate attorney who can prepare that deed for you.
Jessica [00:15:43] So, Roberta if somebody has a question about title or they want to, they want to get some more information about maybe, whoops, we did a quick deed. How can they get in touch with you guys? How can they find out?
Roberta Brown [00:15:52] My office is located between Blanco and Stone Oak Parkway off a Loop 1604 It’s called the Ventura Plaza Office. We are the premier office in San Antonio and you can give us a call. My number is 210-507-5416. Again, 210-507-5416. My name is Roberta and I absolutely live, eat and breathe escrow. I love my job. I love questions. I love helping people. And, you know, anybody can give us a call at any time if you have any kind of question about escrow or title.
Jessica [00:16:29] Perfect, perfect. So before we wrap up this and we get to our Boerne Business Spotlight later today with Boerne Radio, is there any other pieces of advice “Title” wants to give people out there who are listening?
Roberta Brown [00:16:42] I just I just would recommend to people out there. get with, get with a Realtor® who’s experienced. Get with a title company that’s going to be around a while and you know, you’re going to be taken care of. You’re going to surround yourself with a great team, a great lender, great real estate team, great title company. And you’re going to have a smooth transaction because even if there is a hiccup, you you probably will never know about it because I’m going to be working hard with Solid Realty Group to, you know, just smooth everything over. And we want it to be smooth. We want it to be easy. And I promise you a great experience if you come on over to Alamo title. So, thank you so much for having me here this morning.
Jessica [00:17:24] We love you, Roberta. It’s always good to see you.
Cali [00:17:26] Thanks for coming over!
Jessica [00:17:28] And stay with us because coming up, as I said earlier, we’re chatting with the Boerne radio owner, Baron Wiley, who’s throwing the Big Boerne Halloween bash tonight. So stay tuned for some more information, guys. Thanks, Roberta!
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Cali [00:18:20] Welcome back to The Real Estate of Texas. It’s time for our Boerne Business Spotlight.
Jessica [00:18:24] And every show we invite a local Boerne business to feature. And this week, we’re super excited.
Cali [00:18:29] It’s kind of like, “who are the people in your neighborhood, right?”.
Jessica [00:18:32] Yes. And everybody on the show knows our next guest. He’s so good at building community here in Boerne. He’s got a big night tonight. So we just had to feature him on today’s show.
Cali [00:18:42] Welcome, the owner of Boerne Radio!
Baron Wiley [00:18:44] That’s me.
Jessica [00:18:45] Hi, Baron!
Cali [00:18:46] Baron Wiley! Imagine seeing you here.
Baron Wiley [00:18:50] Hey, again I always want to let you know I appreciate you guys, how you guys give back and shine a light on Boerne. Because we could brag on Boerne all day long.
Jessica [00:18:56] We can.
Baron Wiley [00:18:57] And you do that. And I love how you always ask your guests there, what’s their favorite thing about Boerne? It’s just positive. Wonderful. And again, that the honeymoon is still on.
Cali [00:19:04] You’re stealing our thunder. We didn’t even get to ask you.Baron Wiley [00:19:06] Oh, well.
Jessica [00:19:08] We asked him a couple months ago. We had him on the show. so.
Cali [00:19:11] We’ll we’ll we’ll still do it at the end. Well, you know.
Baron Wiley [00:19:12] Are you guys coming? Can you come tonight. to the party?
Jessica [00:19:15] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I haven’t decided on my costume yet. Depending on how.
Baron Wiley [00:19:20] I bet you dress up pretty good.
Jessica [00:19:21] I got some rock and red heels. I can be a little red riding hood.
Cali [00:19:24] I got a whole closet full of costumes.
Jessica [00:19:25] Do you? Maybe I’ll come over.
Cali [00:19:27] I literally do have a costume closet.
Baron Wiley [00:19:30] Like a trunk. I see a trunk in your place.
Cali [00:19:32] No, I do. I do. It’s a whole closet.
Jessica [00:19:33] She had a great sloth costume on the other day when we participated in the Boerne 0.5K. Yeah, that’s right.
Baron Wiley [00:19:39] You never won a costume contest there.?
Cali [00:19:41] Oh, I never enter a costume contest.
Jessica [00:19:44] No, no. I never not. I haven’t entered a costume. No, I haven’t.
Baron Wiley [00:19:47] All right.
Jessica [00:19:47] It’s fun, though.
Baron Wiley [00:19:48] You’re a sloth. I’ve never seen a sloth costume before. That’s pretty good.
Jessica [00:19:51] It was awesome.
Baron Wiley [00:19:52] Did you grow your nails out and how did that work?.
Cali [00:19:53] Never know what’s going to come out of the closet. The magic school bus’s over there.
Jessica [00:19:57] She had, she had a she had a great time. Her her husband dressed up. He was the banana.
Cali [00:20:02] Yeah. Yeah, he had never done because I’m recently married, so he had never done the Boerne 0.5K. He was like, what are you wearing? And so I put out this sloth costume. He was like, “Uh, yeah, I’m going to have to buy a costume.” But yeah, so tell us about tonight. What’s going on tonight?
Baron Wiley [00:20:16] Tonight? There it is. Cool. Thanks for showing the picture there. You can’t see the way you should post that. That’s wonderful.
Jessica [00:20:21] We did post it.
Baron Wiley [00:20:23] Hey, tonight. Yeah, we’re at the Bevy Hotel we’ve been planning this for actually, we just kind of put it together, but it’s a miracle that it’s happening there. We got two parties in one night, so starting from 5 to 7, it’s just for the kids. We’ve got about 20 vendors lining the hallways of the Bevy Hotel. So safe trick or treating, if you will. You know, you come to the table, you bring all that your bag and they load you up and.
Jessica [00:20:42] And anybody is invited, correct?
Baron Wiley [00:20:43] Well, you go to BoerneRadio.com. Tickets are ten bucks for the kids. But here’s what you get. You get this great trick or treat experience. You go into the Bevy ballroom where you go through the little bouncy house to get there. And then Girl with Grit. We’re calling them Ghoul with Grit.
Jessica [00:20:56] Awww, Blythe!
Baron Wiley [00:20:58] Blythe, all the girls built a kind of a haunted hallway with different scenes inside, so that’ll be super cool. Yeah. So.
Cali [00:21:06] Tonight? 5:00, the Bevy?
Jessica [00:21:07] Tonight, 5:00. Be there.
Baron Wiley [00:21:09] And then after that, you roll into the ballroom and we’re going to do our own costume contest for the kids and have some food for the kids and, you know, and drinks and just have a good time.
Cali [00:21:18] Boerne Radio to buy your ticket.
Baron Wiley [00:21:19] Yeah. BoerneRadio.com, ten bucks a kid. Bring it on down.
Cali [00:21:22] Can you also buy them at the door?
Baron Wiley [00:21:23] Yeah, of course you can. Yeah, we’ll let you in. And then after that, well, guys, we kick the kids out and.
Jessica [00:21:28] After seven. after they win the costume party?
Baron Wiley [00:21:31] Congratulations! Out you go! Now we’re going to have some fun. So we’re gonna have an adult party, if you will. We’re going to push in the bar.
Jessica [00:21:37] There you go.
Baron Wiley [00:21:37] And we’re going to have our own experience for the adults there too. Again, the costume contest will be a lot of fun.
Jessica [00:21:42] Starting at 5:00 at the Bevy today.
Baron Wiley [00:21:44] 5 to 7. And then from after that and we flipped the room. New food, new bar.
Cali [00:21:50] But do we get to go through the bouncy house?
Baron Wiley [00:21:52] You do get to go to the bouncy house and then you get to go through the haunted hallway, if that’s what you what. I think we’re going to turn it up a couple of notches there, too.
Cali [00:21:55] You never know what’s going to happen.
Baron Wiley [00:21:56] One more thing. We’re going to turn it up a little a couple of notches there, too, you know.
Cali [00:22:00] You never know. We’re going to have.
Baron Wiley [00:22:01] All right. All right. But your theme is Save.
Baron Wiley [00:22:03] Save the Tower. It’s what we’re calling it and it’s the Boerne Radio Save the Tower Halloween Party. Yeah. So we’ve got a mission in this and that, running a business in Boerne, Texas takes money, right? And then some things pop up that you don’t expect. And so something popped up that we didn’t expect. And so I bought the station in February. And as I’m looking through the files of the previous owner who I think I told you and most people know who passed away before you.
Baron Wiley [00:22:28] Got access to all your.
Baron Wiley [00:22:30] The station and I’m reading the papers and I read a note from the FCC that says, okay, COVID’s over, you need to move your tower back. And I go, “what??” The AM tower and the FM tower are in two different locations. So when COVID hit and everybody was on the radio, they canceled their marketing. Yeah. And so the previous owner, George, called the FCC and says, Can I move my tower to one place so I can only pay rent on on one place? Yeah. And they said, we approve because we love you George. And you’ve been in business for 50 years. Go for it. And then they say, All right, go is over. And I move back and I’m learning this out the hard way.
Cali [00:23:01] And you’re not George.
Baron Wiley [00:23:02] I’m not George. And so I need to move a tower, okay? The original place that it was at before might not be available. Oh, so, so, “Hi!”. You need to, I don’t know, might be $100,000 to go build this thing. And that’s not in the budget this year.
Jessica [00:23:17] Yeah. No, my goodness.
Jessica [00:23:18] So literally like in Back to the Future and save the clocktower well, we need to save the radio tower. So we’re asking if you like Boerne radio, if you love Boerne Radio, if you love you know community and all that kind of stuff.
Cali [00:23:27] We love Boerne radio.
Jessica [00:23:28] We do!
Baron Wiley [00:23:29] Well, then come on out. Because not only will we have fun and the tickets for that event is only 25 bucks, and for that, you get all the above experiences there to the food and drink and all the good stuff. But we’ll also have some auction items and an opportunity to get the brand new Boerne radio hats and a T-shirt. And with your with your best gift, you can walk away with a T-shirt, but we’ll also have great, great, great prizes.
Cali [00:23:48] And it’s just going to be a fun party. A fun party to support Boerne radio and boost Boerne businesses. I mean you’ve got this other element that you do a lot you do a lot of work for all of the businesses here in Boerne. So everybody come on out and enjoy a great party tonight: 5:00.
Baron Wiley [00:24:02] Yes. Okay. One more thing. Yes, please. And we’re going to host a game show tonight as well. And so when you come in, if you want to participate, I’m going to give out a little trivia questionnaire. You fill it out. And if you answer the questions right, you make a good contestant, you’ll put your name in the bucket and then we’ll draw.
Cali [00:24:19] If you’ll make a good contestant.
Baron Wiley [00:24:21] Yes. So I’m going to draw a pool, the winners up on stage and have a game show up on there when I win a really nice prize.
Jessica [00:24:27] Oh, awesome.
Baron Wiley [00:24:29] Yes. Yes. It will be entertaining, too.
Cali [00:24:30] Okay. What kind of game shows it’s going to be like? The Price is Right kind of game show or more like a trivia?
Baron Wiley [00:24:35] Yeah. Yeah. It’ll be like a trivia fun, you know? Put you on the spot and see if you can name names some famous people here. And I won’t tell you, I won’t spoil it. You can’t do research and you can’t take your phone up with you Cali because I know how you are!
Jessica [00:24:52] [LAUGHING]. You’ll find the answers that way. I’ll just wing it. Yeah.
Baron Wiley [00:24:54] We have an Eventbrite page to sign up for, but again, links are on BoerneRadio.com, just go there, sign up and we’ll see you tonight.
Cali [00:25:00] Perfect.
Jessica [00:25:01] And if you can’t sign up, just go on in like the Boerne Radio and you can see the events that they’re having, what they’re doing, the things that are going on. And they’re also really cool about their historical information. They’ve got some great videos up there about them all. Yeah, yeah. So, you know, this is a it’s a great place to get a lot of resources and information, but we are so happy and thankful that our good friend, Mr. Baron here came by today and, you know, told us about what’s going on tonight. So.
Baron Wiley [00:25:24] Thanks, guys.
Jessica [00:25:25] Yes, thank you so much. We really appreciate it.
Cali [00:25:28] Real estate does not have to be stressful, folks. We can help you decide whether it’s the right time to sell with a free market analysis on your existing home or if you’re looking to buy, we can talk to you about what options are available for you to maximize your investment.
Jessica [00:25:41] Yes, that’s right, guys. So give us a call at (210) 827-3733 or go to our website, SolidRealtyGroup.com. And we look forward to chatting with you guys next week. I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend.

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