Tips for Living in a Staged Home

May 9, 2024

Tips for Living in a Staged Home

Tips for Living in a Staged Home

It's probably safe to say that most people don't live in the ultra-decluttered, pared-down, pristine environment of a house staged for sale. Residing in a home that's always ready for showings can be exhausting but not impossible. Try these tips for navigating life in a staged home.

Start by trying to emotionally disconnect yourself from the house. Focus on where you're going to move, and make the mental shift that you're living in the future owner's home.

Prepare for the sale with a deep house cleaning and thorough decluttering. Creating a clean slate can make your day-to-day maintenance manageable. It also helps if you're not there to make messes. Go for a hike, take kids to a playground or enjoy a day trip. Be ready to clear out for showings with a "go-bag" by the door packed with snacks, drinks, books, and toys.

Keep surfaces clear. Take a few extra minutes each day to store bathroom toiletries and large kitchen appliances in cabinets. If possible, consider sending your pet and its belongings to live with friends or family while the house is on the market.

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