The State of the Boerne Real Estate Market

October 22, 2022

The State of the Boerne Real Estate Market
As we all hold our breath to see what happens next with interest rate spikes. Jessica and Cali sit down to discuss the current state of the real estate market in 78006 of Boerne, Texas. Let’s compare 2022’s market with last year, two years ago, etc. Who benefits in the current market? Sellers? Buyers? The ladies of the Texas Hill Country hash it all out for you and give you their recommendations if you’re preparing to buy or sell.

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Episode #115 – the State of the Boerne Re Market

Original Air Date: 10/22/22.
Then, in the second half of our show in our Boerne Business Spotlight, we’re chatting with Ty Wolosin — yes, he’s a Boerne city councilman, but he’s also an owner and partner in a few established Boerne businesses: Cibolo Creek Brewing and Windy Hill Foods. Ty shares with us his family’s plans to bring a new spin on an old Boerne staple to Main Street.
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Episode #115 – The Real Estate of Texas: The State of the Boerne RE Market

Jessica [00:00:00] You’re starting to see some of the sellers accepting offers with contingencies on selling the buyer’s house or doing a VA loan or FHA loan, which is something we haven’t seen for a long time. You know, a lot of those buyers were kind of marketed out because the conventional loans and the appraisal waivers were coming, you know, hands down.
Cali [00:00:24] Right. Well, yeah, because the seller sort of had the upper hand in the market there for a little while where they didn’t necessarily have to accept everything and pay a lot of charges.
INTRO [00:00:33] Welcome to The Real Estate of Texas with the Gals of the Hill Country brought to you by Solid Realty Group in Boerne Texas at And now your hosts, Jessica Johnson and Cali Redd. Good morning, guys.
Jessica [00:00:48] Thank you all so much for joining us today. This is The Real Estate of Texas and we are Solid Realty Group. I’m Jessica Johnson, a licensed Realtor® here with my wonderful business partner, Ms. Cali Redd, who’s our broker.
Cali [00:01:00] Thank you, Jessica. We are here today at Richter’s Tavern, located at the Shops of 153 Main, right here on the Boerne Main Street. And today Jessica and I will be discussing the Boerne Real Estate Market. We have listeners from Boerne who might be thinking about selling, and we also have followers who are listening from other cities and might be thinking about making the move to Texas, especially to Boerne, Texas. So that’s what we’re going to talk about.
Jessica [00:01:23] We are happy to have you guys join us here in the community of Boerne. We’re happy to help you buy a house if you’re interested. You can find us at or you can join one of our pages on social media. The “Moving to Texas? All about Boerne.” But before we start our show, I wanted to mention that we get the joy of shooting from 153 Main, which is Richter’s Tavern here in Boerne. If you have not been to 153 Main, they have some wonderful events that are going on. And later this week, on October 22nd, they have a get wine influenced event downstairs at their Cork and Keg at their wine 101 tasting room. It starts at 5:45.
Cali [00:02:11] Actually, it’s on October the 26th.
Jessica [00:02:13] What did I say?
Cali [00:02:14] The 22nd.
Jessica [00:02:15] Oh, that’s today.
Cali [00:02:16] Today is the 22nd. On the 26th, please join them over there, 5:45.
Jessica [00:02:21] Ahh. Their wine tasting. [inaudible].
Cali [00:02:22] And while we’re talking about dates this week on October the 24th is the first day of early voting. So please go out and vote.
Jessica [00:02:28] Yes, we talked about Prop A and Prop B a couple weeks ago with Ty Wolosin, one of the city councilman.
Cali [00:02:33] And he’s going to be here a little later on in today’s show to talk about his brewing company.
Jessica [00:02:38] I know! Cibolo Brewing Company! That’s a great place to go. It hosted the end of the 0.5K and gave out some beers for people to sit around and g.
Cali [00:02:47] Always a good time!
Jessica [00:02:48] Always a good time. Always a good time. So anyway, the last couple of weeks we have had some market shifts, right?
Cali [00:02:55] Well, the market’s been shifting. Yes, for a little while, not just the last couple of weeks, but yes, it has been shifting. Of course, we are as we were recording this, not necessarily in October, we are in September. So yeah, we’re going to talk about the current market here in Boerne. And as of the date of recording, we currently have 236 homes on the market and of those, 123 of them are pre-owned homes. That data is only for the 78006. So right here in Boerne, 78006, not necessarily Fair Oaks or anything else. But in this zip code, that’s how many
properties we have. Now, the interesting thing about it is that currently right now, 21 of those pre-owned homes have a price change. And as you know, last year we didn’t see any price change at all. So of the 123, 21 of them as of yesterday had price changes.
Jessica [00:03:46] Wow. What was the average price changed, do you know?
Cali [00:03:48] Well, no. I didn’t look that up.
Jessica [00:03:49] No, it’s okay. I just I’m curious about that. Wow. Yeah, I know. Looking. comparing this to last year’s data, we would not have seen that.
Cali [00:03:56] Yeah. Yeah, well, in the last 30 days, the average home sold for 94.59% of the original list price, whereas the same time last year, they sold for, you know, 100.74% of original list price. So it’s about I mean, 6% differential.
Jessica [00:04:13] Yeah. No. So it is a it is a decrease in the in the sales price.
Cali [00:04:17] So the prices are come down just a tiny bit. I mean, I wouldn’t say it’s a significant increase you’re not seeing.
Jessica [00:04:22] No, 95%.
Cali [00:04:23] You’re not seeing a shift like you saw the upswing, right?
Jessica [00:04:26] Oh, no, no. I know a couple weeks ago we spoke with Dr. Wes from Snow College and he was talking about the same thing we kind of did was the historical highs and lows for interest rates. And we are still substantially lower than what our average is. And so his recommendation was to invest in purchasing a home that the value of your home over the long term would increase as it has always increased.
Cali [00:04:52] Right. It’s still a good way to build generational wealth, to purchase a home, even at 7% interest. Even if it goes up to 8% interest, it’s. you know, over the long haul, it’s still the better way to go, in my opinion.
Jessica [00:05:03] Yeah, no, I agree with you. I’m in the same boat. I think that that’s a. is the essential thing to have. Now it’s harder for people because the interest rates are higher. So you’re paying more on a monthly basis towards your interest.
Cali [00:05:16] Right. Well, your buyer-buying capacity’s gone down.
Jessica [00:05:18] Yes. Absolutely
Cali [00:05:18] So you can’t afford the price tag on the house that you would have been able to get if your interest rate was still 3%. You know, you’re going to have to buy a little lower priced home.
Jessica [00:05:28] Right. So saying saying that, what was the average price home?
Cali [00:05:32] Well, okay. So as of August, because that’s the last month that we have full stats for.
Jessica [00:05:36] Yes.
Cali [00:05:36] These stats are coming from the Texas Board of Realtor® in combination with the Texas A&M Real Estate Research Center.
Jessica [00:05:43] Now, remember, Texas is this. is a state where you do not have to report the sales prices of your house.
Cali [00:05:49] Right, but they pull the data from SABOR [San Antonio Board of Realtor®].
Jessica [00:05:51] No, they absolutely do, because we have to enter that information as Realtor®.
Cali [00:05:55] Yeah, and I mean. this is proprietary. I don’t think the general public can just access those. But at any rate, they they are reporting that the median sales price in the 78006 for the month of August 2022 was $690,000 up year over year of 34%.
Jessica [00:06:12] 34%?!
Cali [00:06:12] That’s what they’re reporting.
Jessica [00:06:15] Holy mackerel! So that meant that last year.
Cali [00:06:17] Well, so I happen have that right here because, you know, I’m good like that. So the month of August 2022 for 78006, they reported that the median price was $515,000, August 2021. Whereas this year, August 2022 – $690,000. But really what what is the kicker for me is this months of inventory, right? Because last August we were at two months of inventory in the 78006 and this August, August 2022, we have four months of inventory.
Jessica [00:06:49] Yes. But if you look, it’s really interesting because there’s, what, 100, 100 more homes that are active listings from this year versus last year, too. But we still had a, what, ten only a ten home difference in closed sales.
Cali [00:07:04] According to the Texas Association of Realtors®. That is correct.
Jessica [00:07:08] Which I think is really interesting. But that brings us into kind of the conversation that we had with.
Cali [00:07:12] Well, here’s the conversation I want to have next. I want to go all the way back to.
Jessica [00:07:15] You go.
Cali [00:07:17] Ancient history. Ancient history, 2019. What was the reported median sales price in August of 2019, according to the same database.
Jessica [00:07:27] Now, now. August 19, we had been in COVID, what, six months now?
Cali [00:07:31] A few months. Yeah.
Jessica [00:07:31] Yeah, we had been selling.
Cali [00:07:33] It was March, right. Yeah.
Jessica [00:07:34] It kicked off in March. Yes. But was it was in 2020 though right?
Cali [00:07:39] Yeah. So ’19 we weren’t even in COVID.
Jessica [00:07:41] Right.
Cali [00:07:41] Now I got the 2020 numbers here, too, because you know, I’m good like that. But this is August 2019. Median sales price, according to this database, was $387,500, as opposed to August of 2022, median sales price in the 78006: $690,000.
Jessica [00:08:00] That is incredible. So the value has doubled in two years.
Cali [00:08:05] Well.
Jessica [00:08:06] To what the median prices. But we also have to realize that there there’s been a lot of new construction that has been brought into Boerne, which has increased the average median price overall because you have to take into consideration the homes that are here, the new homes that are being built.
Cali [00:08:24] Yeah. And this data does include new construction.
Jessica [00:08:26] Okay. Perfect.
Cali [00:08:27] Usually whenever I pull my own numbers, I just like to look at pre-owned. But yeah, this, this data from this source does include new construction.
Jessica [00:08:34] Yeah. That. Wow! And.
Cali [00:08:36] Isn’t that fun?
Jessica [00:08:38] Yeah. But I mean, but look at that? Back in 2019, there were four, almost 400 active listings.
Cali [00:08:44] Yeah. And then you get to, to, to 2020 and you still had quite a few in August of 2020 you had 328.
Jessica [00:08:52] Active listings and but then your, your inventory had gone down.
Cali [00:08:57] Well that’s how long they were staying on the market.
Jessica [00:08:58] Yeah. But look back in 2019 you had six months of inventory, but that really is statistically interesting to see the differential on that and the value that has gone into the increase in your home. And that’s kind of what Ty was talking about with the tax rate increase, if I understood him correctly, that.
Cali [00:09:15] Well, the city is going to be getting more taxes just because of that rate increase. I’ve got that here somewhere, too.
Jessica [00:09:20] Yeah. So.
Cali [00:09:21] That was in a public notice, they were.
Jessica [00:09:23] That should be really helpful that people don’t have to worry about that increase as much as they’ve got the money in there with the value of your home that’s gone up.
Cali [00:09:34] Yeah. We’ll see.
Jessica [00:09:34] So I mean, I think but again.
Cali [00:09:36] But if you’re just joining us, we are The Real Estate of Texas presented by Solid Realty Group, coming to you from 153 Main on the Main Street of Boerne.
Jessica [00:09:45] I know, I know. I love them. All right. So your public hearing information, we were talking about the increase in the home values from 2019 to today, which we see is quite substantial.
Cali [00:09:57] All right. So with the budget, it will it will raise the revenue. Almost $2 million just because of that and the increase according to this public notice.
Jessica [00:10:05] Wow. That’s fabulous. So, I mean, but, you know, I think that the I do strongly believe that the community of Boerne has worked very diligently and very monotonously to find a way to keep Boerne beautiful, to keep Boerne that small town feel. They’ve done that with a lot of the programs here. They’ve done a lot of the things that they’ve they’ve created in the sources that they’ve got it from. Um, but it still means that there’s growth and there will be growth and this Boerne community will continue to expand over time.
Cali [00:10:43] Well, it will continue to expand, yes. But I mean, I guess if you if you want to categorize things as a small town feel, that depends on what you categorize as a small town. [laughs]. I’m from an actual small town. And we didn’t have sidewalks, you know? There no such thing as sidewalks and drainage in a real small town. So, you know, I think that it’s just kind of your vantage point of where you’re starting from with those.
Jessica [00:11:05] Yes, that’s true. I mean, I came from San Antonio into Boerne. So for me, Boerne was a small town. I mean, 20 years ago when I graduated from Boerne High School, when Mr. Champion was still the principal of the school.
Cali [00:11:16] Yes.
Jessica [00:11:17] You know, we he was a he was a wonderful addition to our community. We were so sad to lose him. But I’m so glad that they named Champion High School in his honor, because I think for him to live in a as a legacy, as is a wonderful thing for people to remember how great he was, what he did for students. I mean, he was instrumental in helping a lot of students graduate from high school. Happily!
Cali [00:11:36] Yeah. We have good schools here in Boerne.
Jessica [00:11:39] We have great schools here in Boerne. I think what, three of your kids graduated from Boerne? Is that right?
Cali [00:11:43] That is correct.
Jessica [00:11:43] That is correct.
Cali [00:11:44] So the Boerne market, Jessica, what are you seeing about the houses being on the market a little longer or what are people having to do in order to prepare their houses for the market?
Jessica [00:11:55] So I think a lot of people have to take the ideology that they had last year that they could literally throw their house in the market for as much money as they possibly could get without doing any repairs, anything. I think that they have this expectation that the home their home will sell without doing any work. And I think as we see more homes on the market and kind of a price reduction on some of the homes, as you had mentioned earlier, that we’re really looking at making sure that your house is completely ready to go or being willing to sell it for less than you think. it’s, you know, you deserve kind of kind of philosophy. I have a lot of people that are like, nope, when I put on the market, this is the price. Because, you know, my neighbor down the street last year sold it at this price. And I feel that this is what I should should get for it.
Cali [00:12:50] Right? Well, I think yeah, a lot of people have just heard that. And so they want that to still be the reality and maybe it’s not. And the other interesting thing is that I can’t remember the percentage that I heard, but a substantial number of agents have never actually sold in a down market, so they’ve just been around two or three years. All they know is throwing it up and it’s going to sell, you know, that day, that weekend. So, you know, getting somebody who’s who’s able to help you prepare your home for the current market is as important as well.
Jessica [00:13:24] Yeah, yeah. I mean, you know. Mmmmm, I think the, the concern is, is that there’s a lot of people out there that want to sell immediately. Their expectation is that they’re gonna put on the market and they’re going to have 50 showings, 25 offers, and they’re going to have sold it over the weekend.
 Yeah, well, that was true. For a little while. But I mean was, I mean that was an anomaly. That is not the way that it normally happens.
Jessica [00:13:47] No, not at all. But I think that the perception is still there that that’s what it’s supposed to be. So I think talking to clients and explaining to them that, “Hey, we’re looking at homes sitting on the market for three and a half months.” I mean, that’s what, 110 days? That’s, that’s a lot of time versus ten days. So I think making sure that that your buyers are aware that that’s kind of the. That’s kind of what their expectation is, setting that, setting that. And then I think that there’s I’m starting to see a lot more of the agents, you know, doing things where they’re getting a pre-inspection and they’re getting.
Cali [00:14:30] Yeah, that used to be a thing they did several years back where a lot of, a lot of home sellers would go ahead and get the inspection done in advance so that the buyers just came in and kind of knew what was going on. It’s been really interesting to watch the that be such a seller’s market because it typically kind of swings more the other direction, in my opinion, where the buyers have a little more advantage. I would say, you know, with the way the number of ways that they can decide not to purchase the home, you know? Over what the sellers have in the in the contracts that are elongated by TREC.
Jessica [00:15:02] Yeah. And I think now you’re starting to see some of the sellers accepting offers with contingencies on selling the the buyer’s house or doing a VA loan or an FHA loan, which is something we haven’t seen for a long time. You know, a lot of those buyers were kind of marketed out because the conventional loans and the appraisal waivers were coming, you know, hands down.
Cali [00:15:30] Right. Well, yeah, because the seller sort of had the upper hand in the market there for a little while. Where they didn’t necessarily have to accept everything and pay a lot of charges and. you know, move out and take all the risk of having to move out and hope that you can close, you know, so.
Jessica [00:15:45] Yeah. No, no. I think it’s going to be going to be interesting. I think that there needs to be more preparation. You need to do your yard work. You need to clean your house, you need to straighten up. You need to, you know, your clutter, curb appeal, which we just it hasn’t been like that. I mean, I. you’ve walked through some houses the last couple of years and you just. Wow.
Cali [00:16:03] Yeah, it’s crazy.
Jessica [00:16:04] So I think. I think that’s kind of got to revert back to the norm, which I’m excited to have. I think that that makes it easier for the buyers. It’s not this tragic kind of movement that they have to, you know, overbid on their house or they’ve got to, you know, worry about the appraisal or they’ve got to come to the table with an extra $50,000 in their savings account. And, you know, I mean, I get it, too, though, right? You sold your house. You made a bunch of money. You know, the next person wants to sell their house. They make a bunch of money. And, you know, you still do. I mean, the value of homes is increased substantially. So it’s not I don’t think anybody’s losing right now.
Cali [00:16:39] Well, if they’ve owned their house for a little while, they’re aren’t losing. I mean, we’ll see what that looks like in the next year or so for people who, you know, purchased. purchased recently.
Jessica [00:16:47] Yeah. But I don’t think any of the kind of is the market crash going to affect. I don’t think we’re going into something like 2008. I think we’re just kind of stabilizing and I think people are fearful of that because they don’t. It’s either all in or all out, right? You’re either having a great banner time and everyone selling their homes or nobody’s selling their homes. And it’s that’s a little dramatic. And you need to realize that we have to revert back to the norm. I mean, look at interest rates, right? We’ll probably in our lifetime, if ever, I don’t know if we’ll ever see interest rates down at 2% again. One point. I don’t know. Yeah. I mean, a lot of people refinanced. They did a good job. So they’re going to hold onto their houses, you know? So if you if you refinance, you have a great interest rate and you can’t hold onto your house, you will. So but if you have questions for us, we have a webpage that you are welcome to go and post some questions at moving to Texas all about Boerne. You can also hear us on our podcasts or you can check out our website at My name is Jessica Johnson. I’m one of the owners here at Solid Realty Group and my business partner, Ms. Cali Redd.
Cali [00:17:52] Thanks, Jess.
Jessica [00:17:52] Of course.
Cali [00:17:53] You’re listening to The Real Estate of Texas presented by Solid Realty Group. And we’re coming to you from 153 Main right here on the Main Street of Boerne. And if you’ve never been to Richter’s Tavern and the Cork & Keg, you have a great opportunity coming up because they’re going to be hosting the 80’s for Halloween Falcone’s Whiskey Dinner on October the 12th at 630 and Richter’s Tavern, they’ll be giving away costumes, prizes for the best costume. So if you’d like more information on that, just go to Richter, Boerne.
Jessica [00:18:24] And later on this show, we are super excited to have Ty Wolosin with the Cibolo Brewing Company coming to talk to us about his business. So stay tuned for that and we’ll see you guys in a few minutes or we’ll talk to you guys in a few minutes.
COMMERCIAL [00:18:40] The real estate of Texas is always changing. Get a solid start to buying or selling a house with Solid Realty Group. Hey, y’all. I’m Jessica Johnson, co-owner of Solid Realty Group Boerne’s. 5-Star Realtors®, where we have saved our clients over $3 million. Given today’s rising home values and interest rates, every penny counts. Call Solid Realty Group to buy or sell. And we can help you save more and stress less. Call us at (210) 827-3733.
Jessica [00:19:18] Welcome back, y’all, to the real estate of Texas. My name is Jessica Johnson, and I’m here with my fabulous business partner, Ms. Cali Redd.
Cali [00:19:26] Hello everybody!
Jessica [00:19:26] And today on our Boerne Business Spotlight, we are happy to have the Cibolo Brewing Company and Ty Wolosin here. So how are you doing, Ty?
Ty Wolosin [00:19:37] I’m good. So Cibolo Creek Brewing slash Hamby’s. I’m the GM of brewing operations, one of the partners in the business. So thank you for having me.
Jessica [00:19:43] Yes, absolutely. You are a great community sponsor. You do a lot of events out there. And tell us a little bit about how Cibolo Brewing Company came about.
Ty Wolosin [00:19:53] Yeah, sure. So, you know, Cibolo Creek Brewing is a family business. My in-laws so my my wife’s family had been in this community for about 30 years. And when we had our oldest child move back to Boerne soon after then, my father-in. my father-in-law and mother-in-law approached us about doing a brewery and that was kind of how it started. Soon after that, my brother-in-law, Josh, was working in Austin at the time and a, um, a musician. He moved back to be part of the process as well. So it’s myself, Josh Mazour, Sonya Mazour, and Mic Mazour. And yeah, I mean, it kind of just started that I had some brewing background. So we started with the brewing part and then I also have a meat distribution business that helps sell local meats to restaurants and such, so that. So the food aspect of Cibolo Creek Brewing, which is connected to sourcing from local ranchers, is connected to that business. And then, yeah, Josh has been integral in the development of the business, the brand, and being GM of kind of the house operations. I mostly just deal with brewing operations. And, of course, whenever we need to have family pow-wows to help figure out various things of the business, then of course I’m part of that process as well.
Cali [00:21:06] The [inaudible] meat, how long has that been around?
Ty Wolosin [00:21:08] So Windy Hill Foods is my meat business. And that started, um, I finished graduate school in 2008 and then moved back to my family farm soon after that. And then that developed from a ranch business into a distribution business. So yeah, quite a while, I guess. Almost 15 years. It’s transformed a lot from like actual just ranching to I’m just now buying from other ranchers and help processing their animals and then distributing that. And then Hamby’s, which I mentioned earlier, is our new restaurant and brewery concept that’s coming to Main Street hopefully by the end of this year, if not early next year.
Cali [00:21:45] Kind of across the street, right?
Ty Wolosin [00:21:46] Directly across the street. So for folks that are familiar with the area, it’s the old flower shop where folks who are really familiar with the area that was a restaurant called Hamby’s, back in the day. So if you’re staring at the flower shop, the right hand side of that building was an old Dairy Queen-esk business called him Hamby’s. And we’re kind of reinventing it with our own, you know, little twang to it.
Cali [00:22:05] It had walk-up counters and whatnot, correct?
Ty Wolosin [00:22:07] Correct. Yeah. I mean, very similar to an old school like Shake Burger-style. And again, we’re tweaking that aspect. But the idea is walk-up to order. There’ll be lots of seats outside, some seats inside. And then, of course, my part of it is the whole ‘nother brewing system and new beers, as well as some beers from across the street.
Cali [00:22:26] Right? Right. Well, there’s no crosswalk directly across the street. There’s you know, you’re going to have to walk down to the corner.
Ty Wolosin [00:22:32] Absolutely.
Cali [00:22:33] To get from one to the other.
Ty Wolosin [00:22:34] Yes.
Jessica [00:22:34] No jaywalking.
Ty Wolosin [00:22:35] Always. Yeah.
Jessica [00:22:36] No Frogger.
Ty Wolosin [00:22:37] Right. No froggers. Definitely if you’re, you’re walking with a little one, go down and use the sidewalk. But yes, that will probably increase that traffic that. near that area.
Jessica [00:22:48] When is that projected to open?
Ty Wolosin [00:22:50] So, I mean, I think optimistically and I’m sure that my brother-in-law and father-in-law would want me to say this, that by the end of November? The catch is that November and December are also some of the busiest times in Boerne. Dickens and the Christmas parade. So it might be more beneficial for us to have a grand opening like January. So I’m hopeful that we’ll have some kitchen and brewing utilization by Dickens that’ll just help us for across the street and then we can kind of just roll some soft openings and then grand opening in January-ish.
Jessica [00:23:21] Perfect, so if people want to come out and get a homemade beer from the Cibolo Creek Brewing Company. What is your what’s your actual address? How do people get there?
Ty Wolosin [00:23:31] Sure. So our address is Main Street 448, South Main Street, Boerne, Texas 78006. We don’t have a ton of parking right on site, so there’s only like three spots behind our building, but there’s plenty of, plenty of parking on Main Street, also on Tyson. And then across the street where Hamby’s will be, we own the parking lot there, so you can also park there. We’re open every day, but Tuesday — we open at 11am close at 9pm during the weekdays and 11pm Friday and Saturday.
Jessica [00:23:58] Okay.
Ty Wolosin [00:23:59] Again, we have a full menu. Our most popular items are Wagyu Grass-Fed Burger. We have a goat burger. That’s my favorite. Fried chicken sandwich.
Cali [00:24:08] What time does the kitchen close?
Ty Wolosin [00:24:09] So the kitchen typically closes same time.
Cali [00:24:11] 11?
Ty Wolosin [00:24:13] So on Friday and Saturday at 10pm. On weekdays when we close at 9pm, kitchen closes at 9pm. Now, I wouldn’t be the person that comes in at 8:55 and wants to order a burger. The kitchen loves that.
Jessica [00:24:24] I know. It’s their favorite. You make the. your burgers are so good though. I so enjoy going over there. It’s just fantastic.
Ty Wolosin [00:24:31] It’s a, you know, a great thing about our business is we have really great cooks and then we have great products. When you meld the two. We have great Wagyu that comes from South San Antonio. We just switched to a grass-fed producer, also south San Antonio. This is all beef from within 100 miles of the area and then cooks who love their job and do great job. So those two combined make a great product.
Cali [00:24:54] Yes. Absolutely!
Jessica [00:24:54] Stay local, shop local, enjoy local. So before we let Ty go, we’re going to ask you our favorite question. What is your favorite thing about Boerne?
Ty Wolosin [00:25:02] My favorite part of Boerne is the uniqueness of our community. I think the connectivity that people have with the community and their desire to make it better in various aspects is, I think, unique and why it’s such a beautiful place to live. We love raising our kids here, owning a business. I mean, it’s just a great place to live. And part of that is just the uniqueness of it from from the people to the environment to the businesses. All those things combined.
Jessica [00:25:27] Yes. I think you guys are really good sponsors of our community, too. We thank you for everything that you give. I know you did the 0.5K and the people get the beers out there and they get to enjoy your backyard. And that’s a really fun event that’s just know and that raises money for our community and it’s great that you guys are responsible for that. So thank you so much.
Ty Wolosin [00:25:44] Yeah, thank you. Thank you.
Jessica [00:25:45] All right. Well, everybody, I hope you guys have a wonderful day and we look forward to see you next week on The Real Estate of Texas with Jessica Johnson and Ms. Cali Redd.
Cali [00:25:53] Thanks, everybody.
Jessica [00:25:53] All right, bye bye.
Cali [00:25:56] That’s all the time we have today for The Real Estate of Texas presented by Solid Realty Group. Remember us if you’re in the market for a new house or thinking about selling the one you’ve got. Call us today at 210-827-3733 or go to Have a beautiful day!
Jessica [00:26:14] Bye y’all.

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