Sought-After Features in Historic Homes

January 12, 2024

Sought-After Features in Historic Homes

Sought-After Features in Historic Homes

Buying a historic home isn't just acquiring a property — it's embarking on a journey through time. Each creaking floorboard and weathered brick tells a story steeped in history. The attraction of owning such a home goes beyond traditional real estate ambitions. It's a fascination with craftsmanship, architectural legacy, and the enchanting narratives woven into the very fabric of the building. recently identified the features that buyers of a historic home find most charming.

Intricate architectural details that reflect the era in which they were constructed make these houses truly extraordinary. Here are some features you're likely to find.

  • Elaborate crown molding, baseboards and trim
  • Ceiling medallions, exposed beams and coffers
  • Grand staircases with ornate banisters
  • Finely crafted mantels and hearths
  • Stained glass and transom windows
  • Built-in bookcases and window seats

Purchasing a house with history creates a deep respect for what has come before. The investment goes beyond financial obligations — the owners of a historic home can form warm connections with a property's past. These attachments may be well-rooted, too. Some 100-year-old homes may only have changed ownership a few times.

Many buyers love an older home's details but also appreciate current amenities. In historic districts, local ordinances may protect a home's exterior integrity, but the interior can be modernized to today's standards. Upgraded electrical and plumbing systems are essential, while authentic kitchen and bath updates often top a buyer's wish list.

While luxury properties are often found outside city centers, historic home buyers appreciate being in the center of it all.They're usually willing to forego open floorplans and larger lots for shorter commutes and walkable neighborhoods.

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