Rising Interest Rates. Time to Move or Stay Put?

October 15, 2022

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The feds are increasing interest rates to fight inflation. Gone are the days of 2-3% rates, but do the current 6-7% rates mean you should shy away from the market? On the October 15th episode of The Real Estate of Texas presented by Solid Realty Group, Texas real estate experts Jessica Johnson and Cali Redd sit down to talk with economist Dr. Wes Jamison about the economy and its impact on the real estate market. What do rising rates mean for buyers, sellers, renters, and for investors? Any future predictions?

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Episode #114 – Rising Interest Rates. Time to Move or Stay Put?

Original Air Date: 10/15/22.
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Episode #114 – Rising Interest Rates. Time to Move or Stay Put?

Dr. Wes Jamison, Ph.D. [00:00:00] Economics is a very scary thing. We are in a very tenuous time across the Western countries, not only in America, but Europe, and everybody’s raising interest rates to try to curb inflation. But don’t let that scare you. Don’t let that scare you. 6% interest rates on mortgages are not something that can’t be afforded. You will have to make certain cuts, I’m sure, and gas and food and tighten the belts a little bit, but it is so much better than renting for sure.
Intro [00:00:37] Welcome to the Real Estate of Texas with the gals of the Hill Country brought to you by Solid Realty Group in Boerne, Texas at SolidRealtyGroup.com. And now your hosts Jessica Johnson and Cali Redd.
Cali [00:00:50] Hello, everyone, and thanks so much for joining us on The Real Estate of Texas presented by Solid Realty Group. I’m Cali Redd here with my business partner, Jessica Johnson.
Jessica [00:00:58] Hi, everyone. Great to have you here as always. We are recording from Richter’s Tavern here on Main Street in the beautiful city of Boerne, Texas, in the Hill Country.
Cali [00:01:07] Today, we’re going to be talking about the topic that’s on everybody’s mind, rising interest rates. What does it mean for the real estate market? Is now the time to buy or sell or is it better to wait? We’ve got a special guest today to help us dissect this topic, a local homegrown economist, Dr. Wes Jamison.
Jessica [00:01:25] And then a little later in our show, as always, we have our Boerne business spotlight. And because we love to promote our incredible business owners and organizations that you can find here in Boerne, Texas. Today’s spotlight is Tootie Pie. Oh my God, I love them. Everyone. And Boerne knows them, too. And because today is Sweetest Day, they’ve come up with sweets for us and a sweet deal for you. So sit tight for that coming up soon.
Cali [00:01:48] That’s right. So let’s get started with the meat and potatoes of today’s show: interest rates.
Jessica [00:01:54] Awe fun, so let’s introduce our listeners to our first guest. He’s from the area, born in Bandera. But today he’s coming to us from Snow College in Utah, where he’s the chair of the Social Sciences Department. Welcome, Dr. Wes Jamison. How are you doing today?
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:02:08] I am doing great. I’m very happy to be with you guys.
Jessica [00:02:11] We are so happy to have you here. So I understand that you’re a professor of economics, correct?
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:02:16] That’s absolutely correct. I teach both economics and political science at Snow College.
Jessica [00:02:20] Oh, how wonderful. Well, we are here in Boerne, Texas, today, and we want to know a couple of things about where the economists see the housing market going with what we have going on right now. Will you help us out a little bit?
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:02:33] I will try. I will do my best.
Jessica [00:02:35] Fantastic.
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:02:36] Well, I will say this, as any economist would say, economics is the dark arts. It allows you to kind of see the future, but only so far. I will say for homebuyers, the outlook could, it’s mixed, I would say. We know that interest rates, the Federal Reserve is going to continue to raise interest rates in order to stop this terrible, terrible inflation that we’re all feeling. We all know that groceries are going up. We see gas going up, everything else is going up. And so in order to stop that, they’re raising the federal funds rate. That federal funds rate affects every interest rate across the board, including mortgage rates. Thankfully, homeowners and people that are selling houses are trying to unload their stock. And so you’re seeing some prices go down, which is good. But with rising interest rates, the average monthly mortgage cost is pretty much staying the same, if not rising. So that is that is an unfortunate, That is unfortunate for most people.
Jessica [00:03:40] No, that that really is. But for people that want to buy with the increase in interest rates, what are they looking at? Taking hits to their pocketbook?
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:03:51] So if you were to say want to purchase a $250,000 home.
Jessica [00:03:56] Mm hmm.
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:03:57] Six months ago, if you had perfect credit. Your monthly rate would be around $1,200 bucks.
Jessica [00:04:05] Mm hmm.
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:04:06] Now that interest rates have climbed to where they are right now, and the average mortgage interest rate is right around 6 to 7% right now, you’re probably looking at paying $1600 a month for the same price of house. So there are a couple of bright spots in this. People that are selling houses see that they want to get out before interest rates climb even higher. And the Fed is definitely trying to raise interest rates even higher. So they may be lowering that price and it gives the buyer a lot of negotiating power in order to lower the price even more to structure their deal a little better for them. So there’s still some wiggle room in the market right now.
Jessica [00:04:52] So would you have any suggestions to people that are getting into the housing market with the higher interest rates on ways to kind of leverage the, the new expense that they have with the long term investment of actually owning a home, right? That’s that’s kind of like a savings account. So how do they leverage that?
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:05:11] Don’t settle. Number one, know where you want to be. And the great thing is a place like Boerne and the Hill Country is a great place to live for years to come. And so you have to know that this this investment that you’re making will only gain money. Housing prices have only gone up in value for the last thousand years. So it is a great investment and know that prices may go down in the future, but they’re only going to go up in the long term. Thus, you want to try to leverage as much power as you can, try to find buyer or sellers that are trying to get out of the market right now and use that power to your advantage. I think there is a lot of value still in the market right now, and I think that buyers, while they may not be in the best place right now, it’s not the worst time. This is not the seventies. We are still at 6% interest rate and not 18%, but who knows what the future might bring. So we are probably no longer going to see 2% interest rates in our future, at least in the near term. So if you can get in at six or seven, it’s probably a good time to do it.
Jessica [00:06:28] I know it seems like it’s such a scary number for people, but they don’t realize that historically that we’re still essentially at a very low interest rate overall. I mean, you’ve seen, like you said, 18% double digits are hard, so.
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:06:41] Yes.
Jessica [00:06:41] Yeah. So for sellers that are that have houses right now at lower interest rates that want to sell, you know, that they have to move, right? They get a new job and they have to go to a different state and they’re forced to sell their home. What do you think like, financially, is their best bet? Do they they take all of the money that they make off of their house and they put it as a down payment for their next house? Or should they keep that those funds in their pocketbook to help with inflation and things like groceries and phones and, you know, other stuff? What do you think on that?
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:07:16] So if you’re a seller right now, the market is interesting because different pockets of the United States are selling at incredibly different rates. Right now, my fiance lives in Austin. And Austin, housing is absolutely insane, but there are still amazing places out in the Hill Country that you can get for a really decent price. Most likely people think that there’s nothing out there. They don’t realize how beautiful it is and how the long term, in the long term, that is going to be an incredible investment. The thing is, if you are a seller, the price to maintain the house or if you’re not quite done building a house, those prices are increasing so rapidly. The price of building materials is going up crazy high, usually due to supply chain issues. We have issues across the pond, as you might know, and trying to get out of their houses quickly as possible is a benefit to buyers as well. So I think trying to get out as quickly as possible is what most people are trying to do, which could be a boon for those trying to buy a house right now.
Jessica [00:08:23] I guess it’s such a such an odd position to be in, because if you don’t have the funds to purchase a house because the interest rates are so high, you’re stuck in a rental. And the rentals, you know, that is essentially just yeah, the money that you’re giving away every single month. And I understand that it’s hard, but we’re at that like tipping point, kind of where is it? It becomes less expensive for people to rent homes. And so they have this like kind of ideology that, well, I can’t afford that extra $300 a month, so I’m just going to rent or into a position that they’re like, No, I must have a house in this area. And like you said, they failed to look in almost, you know, a rural area where their dollar would go a lot further, but it would take them a longer drive into their into their their job, essentially, to go from the urban area into the rural area. But economic point of view, do you see that as being beneficial or is that also increasing costs for people? Because now they have to drive further and they have to sit in traffic longer, you know, right? Like what are the what are the pros and cons of that as well? Like, I understand it’s a great idea. Man, if I could go and buy some property and, you know, drive further out, I think I’d do that. I’m completely on board with you. But again, if we’re stretching our dollar and that’s something that you have to take into consideration, how do people counter that?
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:09:47] Renting I think renting about 20 years ago was a great option for people because rents were so low.
Jessica [00:09:56] Mm hmm.
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:09:57] But, you know, in the last two years, since the pandemic, rents have increased dramatically.
Jessica [00:10:05] Yeah.
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:10:06] And I think a lot of people don’t realize that for nearly the same price that they can rent a house if they take the leap and just jump in. And you really wish they would have jumped in a year ago. But even today, at interest rates, mortgage rates at six and a half, 7%, it will only cost them 200, maybe 300 more to to buy a house rather than rent a house. And I really hope that Americans, especially Texans, make the move to homeownership rather than giving their money away each month. For those with rental homes, again, it is an absolute windfall for them because as rents go up across the nation, they now have leverage to say, well, look, this is what rents are. This is average rent across the nation. I’m now charging you this and for some reason, Texans, Americans, they feel like they don’t have a chance. They don’t they have to pay this rent. But just a little bit of just a little bit of savings go a long way towards purchasing your first house? I think there’s lots of programs for first home buyers, and I think the government’s also willing to help Americans get into housing to buy a house rather than rent. So, yes, I think the economic benefits of owning the long term investment is. Huge, gigantic compared to renting. I really do hope that many, many, many more Texans decide to own rather than rent in the near future. The economic pros completely outweigh the costs.
Jessica [00:11:52] You had mentioned different government programs. Is there a plan for new buyer incentive programs to be released or to come out that can help new homebuyers? Is that what you’re hearing?
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:12:04] So we do have elections coming up and politicians across America know that this is a real problem. Housing is a problem. The real issue that I see across the real estate market across America is, of course, housing stocks. The stock of new homes is at our lowest that we’ve seen in years. Ever since 2008, home buyers or homebuilders just have not been building the amount of homes that we need. But we are seeing across America and politicians are trying to make this happen that we encourage and incentivize homebuilding. And in my area here in Utah, we are seeing lots of apartments being built. A lot of low income housing being built. And most of that will be built by big corporations looking to rent. But those those that kind of housing can be devastating to people because it is just renting. Again, if if I can encourage home buying in any way, I would do that for anybody. The long term investment will set your family up for a very, very long time.
Jessica [00:13:18] I’m curious about one of the things that somebody talked about was like smaller homes. Is that something that like new home builders have been talking about making smaller homes, making like little creations of where people don’t have to have these monstrosities of homes, but they have something that’s very small and livable and usable, but it’s also very cost effective.
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:13:43] Absolutely. 100%. When I first got my job here, it’s called we bought a tiny house for $100,000. It’s two bedroom, one bath, and it’s just me and my fiancee. However, now this house is valued at $300,000. And it’s it’s amazing to see how home values just increased. So we are seeing across the market right now lots and lots of small family homes, two bedroom, two bath. And we’re seeing that also in the Hill Country looking at some of the listings last night in Boerne, there, there’s lots and lots of two bedroom, two bath homes for sale. The really scary thing, I think, for at least my students and any young person wanting to enter the market is a lot of those homes are priced at $350,000, whereas it used to be $100,000.
Cali [00:14:37] So so with the rising interest rates, their buying capacity has definitely gone down, right? But.
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:14:43] Yeah.
Cali [00:14:43] I think a good thing for people to keep in mind is that your first house may not be your dream house, but it’s still most likely to increase in value. Like you said, yours, you purchased at $100K now worth $300K. So that’s probably not where you and your wife or fiance thought you were going to live forever. Your buying capacity was what it was, and then you selected based on the capacity, but it’s still a great investment that’s been beneficial to you and will be beneficial.
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:15:08] 100% we we have done nothing but gain from this purchase and we will take the profits and move into hopefully our dream house very soon. Even if even if we need to take another step to a house that maybe not be our dream house. Building wealth over time through homeownership is certainly any is the key to any success that I try to preach to my students every day. Homeownership is still the American dream.
Jessica [00:15:37] So a lot of jobs nowadays don’t have that longevity that a lot of people used to speak of, you know, 20 years ago, you used to work 25 years. You would retire, you’d have a pension. It’d be great. You’d stay in the same small town, kind of do that stuff. But from what I understand, I’m not a millennial. I missed that by a year and a half, so I don’t get to call myself that. But anyway, a lot of the millennials and the new generations, they’re their job timeframes are very short. Two to 2 to 3 years, maybe, maybe five if you get really lucky, because they don’t have that connectivity with their job and a lot of it is mobile. So I think you have a lot of push back on some of the younger generations that are like, I don’t want to buy a house because I’m not sure that I’m going to be there. And so I know that there is your capital gains if you have the house less than two years, but a majority of people, if you do work two years in a job, what’s your recommendation about getting a house then?
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:16:35] It is interesting because. Over the last two years, we have seen houses coming off the market quicker than ever. Mm hmm. You put your house on the market, and two weeks, three weeks, it’s gone. We are now starting to see longer and longer. We are seeing two months, three months, and we’re seeing sellers get nervous that their house is not going to sell.
Jessica [00:16:55] Right. But I mean, 90 days rate is a is a balanced market. Three months for your house on the market is not. It’s balanced.
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:17:01] Sure. But the fear is that when you start seeing it goes from two weeks to that 90 days.
Jessica [00:17:08] Yeah.
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:17:08] They’re starting to worry.
Jessica [00:17:09] Yeah. Yeah.
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:17:10] And we’re starting to see waiting list, People jumping off waiting lists for homes. My advice is: Buy. You have to buy.
Cali [00:17:20] It’s the best way to build generational wealth.
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:17:22] 100%. It will build your family. It will build the wealth inside your family. It is the American dream. And without homeownership anymore, I don’t see another way unless you hit the lottery to actually build the wealth that you want your family to have.
Jessica [00:17:40] So then what’s your recommendation about buying, like land versus home?
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:17:47] So in some places, again, like the Hill Country, you still see a lot of land available for relatively lower prices. I was looking at land lots for around $200 and $250,000 yesterday. But, you know, it all depends on location, location, location. Again, where we also have a place in Austin. Austin is absolutely insane right now when it comes to the land and the home buying process there, which is why I would suggest, you know, I told my students here in Utah, the land is still relatively cheap and it’s okay. You need to look outside, maybe your comfort zone to buy a place where you can build your build your future.
Jessica [00:18:29] All right. Well, is there anything else that you’d like to share or let us know or recommendate? Recommendate, That’s a terrible word. I don’t know. It’s too early for me. I need more coffee. [laughs]. As an economist, what’s the, What do you want to tell us? What are you going, What’s the last thing you got for us?
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:18:48] I would say this. I know times are scary right now, and if you even glance at the headlines, any economic news, it may scare you. Keep a positive outlook. Focus on the future. Inflation will go down eventually. Your groceries will go down eventually. Other generations have been through this. We will get through this. And don’t give up on your future. Home buying and saving are your best ways to build generational wealth.
Jessica [00:19:17] All right. Well, we’re happy to help you buy, right?
Cali [00:19:20] There you have it.
Jessica [00:19:21] There you go. Well, thank you so much, Dr. Wes. We so appreciate you coming on the show and sharing your information. It’s nice to get a different perspective. And I agree with you. I agree with you.
Cali [00:19:30] Thank you for joining us.
Jessica [00:19:31] Yes, thank you for joining us all the way up in Utah. [inaudible].
Dr. Wes Jamison, PhD [00:19:35] It’s going to get cold very soon.
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Jessica [00:20:19] Welcome back to The Real Estate of Texas. And we are super excited to have Brian and Jamie Demski with Tootie Pie. Here with us today for our Boerne Business Spotlight. Welcome, y’all. How are you doing today?
Jamie Demski [00:20:32] We’re good and we’re excited to be here.
Brian Demski [00:20:34] Absolutely. This should be fun.
Jessica [00:20:35] Fantastic. So tell us a little bit about Tootie Pie.
Brian Demski [00:20:39] Well, Tootie Pie originated from Medina, Texas, from Ms. Tootie herself. She started baking pies when she was 65 after her husband passed away and she became famous for her 6lb. apple pie that everybody loved. It won many accolades and then it moved to Boerne.
Jessica [00:20:54] Six-pound pie? Wait a second. Holy mackerel
Brian Demski [00:20:59] Yes, that is correct. We actually put three pounds of apples in every single pie. So it is Texas-sized. Texas-Taste.
Jessica [00:21:08] Awe it’s delicious, Fantastic. Yes. Okay. So she built the pie. She came here to Boerne?
Brian Demski [00:21:11] Yes. When she came here to Boerne, she set up a store down on Industrial, which many Boerne-ites know. And several years later we had to move to Dripping Springs for the main facility for purposes of shipping. Um, we actually save our customers money by shipping out of Boerne because we send our pies across the entire U.S. That’s how big Tootie has become. When that happened, my wife and I, Jamie, we decided that we want to continue the tradition of Tootie Pie here in Boerne and we’re given the opportunity to open up the very first franchise store.
Jessica [00:21:41] Fantastic. Yay! Okay, okay.
Brian Demski [00:21:44] And that’s kind of the story of Tootie and we hope to expand further. And just so everybody knows, we are bringing baking back to Boerne because everything was getting baked in Dripping Springs. But I’m buying an oven next year and we are going to start baking all our pies again and,
Jamie Demski [00:21:59] In-store.
Brian Demski [00:22:00] In-Store. And the wonderful thing is I learned from Miss Tootie’s daughter. So I know the recipes inside and out. So you are going to get the perfect Tootie pies.
Cali [00:22:08] And is that going to be right there at the same location that you’re at now.
Brian Demski [00:22:10] Yes, it is. We’re going to do remodel so, Yes, there is enough space. We’re going to have to close down for a couple of weeks as we remodel to get the oven in. But we’ve been talking about this for about six months now on a way to bring the tradition of Tootie Pie back to Boerne.
Jamie Demski [00:22:26] I mean, we do bake in-store, too, right now. We bake, what our newest creation that Brian made called the Empienadas, they’re delicious.
Jessica [00:22:34] Oh, I know you brought us them this morning!
Jamie Demski [00:22:35] Yes. Those are baked fresh in the store.
Brian Demski [00:22:38] Yes, those are baked fresh daily. I’m proud of those. Those are mostly my recipe. And they’ve been selling like hotcakes. If you haven’t had one, you need to come get one. They’re absolutely delicious.
Jessica [00:22:47] People that don’t know exactly where you guys are located. What is your address?
Jamie Demski [00:22:52] 1445 South Main Street here in Boerne, Texas. We are right at the corner of Herff and Main.
Jessica [00:22:59] Okay.
Cali [00:22:59] So do people order online? Do they call you to place an order? What’s the what are the ways that they can go about ordering?
Jamie Demski [00:23:04] They can come into the store or they can call us. We recommend that you order early for the holiday season.
Jessica [00:23:11] Yes, I think I’ve ordered a pie from you guys since I’ve been here from 1998. We had a Thanksgiving pie from you guys. That’s just how incredibly wonderful you all are.
Jamie Demski [00:23:23] We love to create the memories with you guys.
Jessica [00:23:25] You do. And you guys are great community supporters. You guys are wonderful. We see you around quite a bit, so it’s really nice to have you guys in our community supporting our community and being part of our community and keeping Tootie Pie here. I mean, that that’s a staple for so many of us who have lived in Boerne for so long that just love what you guys do. So I’m really, really happy to have you guys on the show and let more people know how absolutely fantastic you guys are. So for the holidays, what’s your what’s your current up and coming one? Do you have a Halloween one?
Brian Demski [00:23:55] We don’t really do much for Halloween. We did try doing spooky,
Jessica [00:23:58] Nothing with candy corn? No. Is it candy corn?
Brian Demski [00:23:59] Candy corn is love or hate.
Jamie Demski [00:24:04] I don’t know how good that would be in a pie, y’all.
Jessica [00:24:07] I don’t either!
Jamie Demski [00:24:08] Maybe a cupcake. That would be cute.
Brian Demski [00:24:09] Yes, we have a great decorator. We’ll have her do something special with the cupcakes. We’re on the fence of maybe doing decorate your own like spooky cookies and that’d be fun. And one time couple of years back, we did spooky pies, but unfortunately, they did not sell too well.
Jessica [00:24:24] Oh, okay. Okay. All right. Well, the other pies sell well, so we don’t have to worry about it.
Cali [00:24:28] Thanksgiving’s right around the corner. I mean, everybody wants a pie for Thanksgiving.
Jessica [00:24:31] I know. I know.
Jamie Demski [00:24:31] Yes. That’s our busiest time of the year.
Cali [00:24:33] I would think Thanksgiving is probably the biggest pie season.
Jamie Demski [00:24:36] It really is.
Cali [00:24:37] Maybe Christmas, but I mean, I associate Thanksgiving more with a pie than Christmas.
Jessica [00:24:39] Yeah and how…
Jamie Demski [00:24:40] I think so too.
Jessica [00:24:41] How long does your shipping take? So if somebody places an order, you said you can ship it anywhere?
Brian [00:24:45] Anywhere in the continental U.S. we can ship to Alaska and Hawaii, but that gets really expensive. But if you want it there, we’ll make it happen.
Cali [00:24:52] Six pound pie all the way to Alaska. Pretty expensive.
Brian Demski [00:24:58] But no, we typically do two day shipments. Okay, anything more than that? There’s too much risk of the pie going bad as we don’t put any preservatives or anything unnatural in the pies or we try our best not to. Some things you just can’t help.
Jessica [00:25:11] Yeah, but now you have gluten free one. So I can eat those now, too.
Jamie Demski [00:25:14] Yes. And we have lower sugar as well, so we’re excited about that.
Brian Demski [00:25:19] We have gluten free cakes. Don’t forget.
Jessica [00:25:21] Wow, yes, yes. Well, if anybody needs to get a good pie, good cake, good empanadas, good anything, just come out and check out Tootie Pie. And before we go, our favorite thing to ask anybody that joins our show is what is your favorite thing about Boerne?
Brian Demski [00:25:36] My favorite thing about Boerne is the community.
Jamie Demski [00:25:38] Yeah.
Brian Demski [00:25:39] Although it’s growing and it’s getting big really fast, we still have this small niche group of Boerneites who just love and support each other, which is wonderful. And that’s why I will never leave Boerne.
Jamie Demski [00:25:50] Yeah, that’s why we couldn’t leave. We love our community just too much.
Jessica [00:25:54] Well, we’re so glad to have you guys here. If you haven’t checked out the pies, go down, get to pie, enjoy your, enjoy your day, enjoy your dessert. And we will see you guys later. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.
Jamie Demski [00:26:05] Thank you.
Brian Demski [00:26:06] Thank you. You too.
Cali [00:26:06] Thank you for coming in.
Jessica [00:26:07] Thanks for coming out. All right. Bye.
Cali [00:26:09] Real estate doesn’t have to be stressful, folks. We can help you decide whether it’s the right time to sell with the free market analysis on your existing home or if you’re looking to buy, we can talk with you about what the options are available to maximize your investment.
Jessica [00:26:22] So that’s it. Give us a call at (210) 827-3733 or go to our website at SolidRealtyGroup.com. And thanks, y’all. We’ll chat again next week!

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