New Home, Now What? Your Move-In Checklist

April 5, 2024

New Home, Now What? Your Move-In Checklist

New Home, Now What? Your Move-In Checklist

Congratulations — you've bought your next home, and you're moving in! Now what? If you find empty spaces and stacks of boxes intimidating, stay on track with this handy checklist from

Deep Clean
Hire a professional cleaning service to refresh your entire house.

Unpack Necessities
First, open up boxes with kitchen items, bathroom supplies, towels, and bed linens.

Set Up Safety
If you have children or pets, make sure stairs, outlets and hazardous items are secured.

Change House Locks
Previous homeowners may have given keys or entry codes to family and friends, so change them ASAP.

Test Detectors and Systems
Issues with smoke detectors or your HVAC system should be checked immediately.

Schedule Home Repairs
Address any problems that weren't fixed by the seller.

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