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Keep Curb Appeal Up When Temperatures Soar

July 11, 2024

Keep Curb Appeal Up When Temperatures Soar

Keep Curb Appeal Up When Temperatures Soar

Maintaining curb appeal throughout the long summer months can be a feverish undertaking. Consider these tips to keep your home looking refreshed, even on the hottest days.

Add potted succulents to your landscape. These heat-tolerant beauties not only reduce your watering and weeding workload but also come in a variety of muted tones and textures that give your outdoor space a trendy touch.

Look for indications of wear and tear on your home's exterior. Heat from the sun can cause paint to fade, blister, peel, and crack. If you see any of these signs, it may be time to have your house repainted.

Mow your lawn on a regular basis and use an edger or trimmer for a clean, crisp perimeter. Pressure wash your concrete driveway and walkways to complete the manicured look.

Wash away dirt and pollen left behind by seasonal winds and storms. Clean your windows inside and out so the bright summer sun can help your home shine.

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