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Home-Selling Strategies for Parents

January 26, 2024

Home-Selling Strategies for Parents

Home-Selling Strategies for Parents

Juggling house showings, kids' schedules and typical family messes is a difficult task. But with some planning and fortitude, you can turn your house into the star attraction for potential buyers while keeping the family circus running smoothly.

One of the first things to do is declutter and create order. Involve your children by letting them sort through their toys and clothes. Pack up unnecessary items early in the process.

Create a neutral decor by removing family photos, collections and sentimental items on display. At the same time, staging an organized, inviting play area will show buyers with children that the house can meet their needs.

Naptimes and mealtimes are important parts of kids' routines. It can be challenging to have showings scheduled during these times, but try to remain flexible. Make a list of fun places for quick getaways, or plan to visit family and friends.

Lastly, the moving process can make kids feel insecure. Maintain a sense of normalcy so they feel comfortable and safe.

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