Do I really need to hire a REALTOR?

September 17, 2022

Do I really need to hire a REALTOR?
On the September 12, 2022 episode of The Real Estate of Texas presented by Solid Realty Group, we talked about buyer and seller representation.
  • Do I really need to hire a REALTOR?
  • Can’t I save more money for myself if I don’t hire one?
Sure you can. but Jessica and Cali discuss some of the pitfalls they’ve seen happen in for sale by owner transactions as well as the benefits of having access to a REALTORS knowledge and all their cool tools to predict the market.




Original Air Date: 9/12/22

Then, in the second half of our show in our Boerne Business Spotlight, we’re chatting with Diana Ward, owner of Uptown Chic. She got her start in fashion in France and she’s brought her unique eye for design to Boerne and New Braunfels.

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Episode #109 – Do I Really Need to Hire a REALTOR? The Real Estate Of Texas

Jessica [00:00:00] The problem arises if the seller is unexperienced in the rules and regulations of real estate when they’re told by a representative REALTOR that they have to do this, or they have to pay that, or they have to clear that. Is that necessarily true? And I think those are some big traps that for sale by owners step into because they don’t know that that’s something that is negotiable. They don’t know that there is an option there for them not to have to pay that. That it could be a buyer expense.

INTRO [00:00:33] Welcome to The Real Estate of Texas with the gals of the Hill Country brought to you by Solid Realty Group in Boerne, Texas at And now your hosts, Jessica Johnson and Cali Redd.

Jessica [00:00:47] Good morning. Welcome to The Real Estate of Texas. My name is Jessica Johnson, and I’m here with my wonderful business partner, Miss Cali Redd.

Cali [00:00:54] Hey, Jess.

Jessica [00:00:55] How you doing today?

Cali [00:00:56] I’m pretty good. How are you?

Jessica [00:00:57] I’m fantastic! Y’all, I’ve had a lot of coffee, so I’m ready to rock and roll.

Cali [00:01:01] Well, there you have it.

Jessica [00:01:02] There you have it.

Cali [00:01:02] From downstairs?

Jessica [00:01:03] From downstairs.

Cali [00:01:04] At the Baukhaus?

Jessica [00:01:04] At the bake. At the Baukhas. We are super honored to be able to shoot our show upstairs at Richter’s Tavern, owned by the wonderful Joi and Guy Sanders. And today we wanted to do a full circle and come back to Cali and I talking to you guys and the big discussion we wanted to have today is why do you want to hire a REALTOR Cali?

Cali [00:01:28] Well, that’s a very good question, Jessica. Why do you want to hire a REALTOR? I would say the well, a couple of main reasons would be to because REALTORS have access to a lot more data than just general public has regarding home values and the state of the current market and what needs to be done in order to get your home sold or what it might be like to experience buying in any particular market, which is always shifting. REALTORS can also point out red flags and properties that you may not notice as a consumer. because you don’t do this every single day.

Jessica [00:02:00] Give me an example of that.

Cali [00:02:01] Well, if I drop a golf ball on the floor in this house, it might roll all the way over there because the foundation is bad. Do you just notice things about houses that other people don’t notice because they’re not walking through houses all the time?

Jessica [00:02:12] Right. So you being able to see that as an experienced REALTOR, you would be able to identify some problem like that where someone that just comes in that’s looking to buy a house may not even notice it till down the road.

Cali [00:02:23] Well, I mean, I wouldn’t say that we always identify every problem. That’s why we hire professional home inspectors.

Jessica [00:02:29] Indeed.

Cali [00:02:30] But I mean, obvious things. yeah, as you see obvious things that sometimes people just don’t notice. I mean, sometimes you go into different properties that have been rehabbed, and I like to call them “lipstick-on-a-pig-properties” where they slapped a bunch of paint everywhere. And I’ll help you buy that if that’s really what you want. But I don’t really recommend it, you know? You know, there’s definitely better properties.

Jessica [00:02:49] So we do have a lot of fielded questions sometimes in our industry where people are like, well, you know, I can, I can throw it up on it for sale by owner or I can do my own listing. What are some of the kind of concerns that people that list on their own get backed into that they’re not really familiar with?

Cali [00:03:08] Well, I wouldn’t know because I have never been for sale by owner property, Jessica. [DO WE HAVE A LAUGH TRACK? IT SHOULD GO HERE.]. What do you think some of the concerns that they get backed into are? [00:03:15] [0.0s]

Jessica [00:03:16] Well, I mean, first off, I think that they get into a listing on their own. And the first thing that happens is they get an offer submitted to them for someone to buy their house and they’re represented by an agent. And the agent will tell the seller, “hey, you have to do this or you have to pay that, or this is, a this is something that the seller has to pay for.”

Cali [00:03:38] Well, the agent is there to represent their buyer.

Jessica [00:03:40] Yes, abso. absolutely. But we still have to maintain a decorum of honesty and ethical boundaries. And so, a seller who does not have representation, who’s being told by a licensed REALTOR that they have to pay something because that’s a requirement, tends to be some information that’s not truthfully shared. And I think that that’s a big problem that you can arise from. You can have the agent that tells you, “hey!”. you know. “the appraisal came in on the property and it’s valued at X amount of dollars. But because the appraiser said that it’s 450 square feet less, we have to drop the sales price to match it.” How does that seller know that if that’s the right thing or not?

Cali [00:04:27] Well, he should ask his agent.

Jessica [00:04:28] Right! [LAUGHS]. Correct. Which is why we’re talking about why you need to hire an agent, because those are situations that you do come into. That is a problem that as a, you know, you’re listing a house and you don’t have that knowledge base or they come back and the, the buyer’s agent is telling that Unrepresented Lister that “hey, I ran some comps on here and the value of your house is actually this:” How does that seller know that those are correct comps? How do they know to verify that that’s not a sale that came in 24 months ago? So it doesn’t, it doesn’t match what they’re actually wanting to list it for. You know, where did that seller get their value? I mean, did they go on Zillow or Zestimate or, you know, these wonderful websites that will tell you, oh, the value of your property is this. where are they getting their numbers?

Cali [00:05:21] Well, I don’t know. You’d have to ask them.

Jessica [00:05:23] Yeah. So.

Cali [00:05:24] Yeah.

Jessica [00:05:25] You know, but…

Cali [00:05:25] I mean, I see more often than not, if I find if for sale by owner, the price is usually a little off compared to the comps that I run. But I would think that probably the issue that more for sale by owners probably face would be whether or not their buyers actually qualified to purchase the property.

Jessica [00:05:42] Correct?

Cali [00:05:44] I don’t think that they would probably. well, I mean, maybe they would know how to verify that, but I would think that that would happen more often than not.

Jessica [00:05:50] Yeah. No. You making sure that the lender knows exactly what it is that you qualify for and make sure that that house does work for you. I think that that’s an essential point that the seller has to know. And I think that it comes with kind of your hands tied because like you said, as a, as a licensed REALTOR, you can access the local MLS system. We can see things that have been bought, we can see things that have been sold. We can see the value that they’ve sold for. We can see if the sellers were willing to concede some closing costs. We can see if the seller was willing to pay for a home warranty for the house. We can check that information, which gives us a better, stronger database on where you’re at pricewise, for your house, where you’re at on repair values for your house, what it is that you-need-to-do versus what you-have-to-do versus what you’re-told-to-do. And I think that at hiring a REALTOR, we’re able to kind of overcome a lot of those speed bumps that you don’t necessarily know that that’s going to run into some of the problems that you have listing the house on your own.

Cali [00:06:56] Well, I think you don’t know what you don’t know until you get there and realize, you don’t know. [LAUGHS].

Jessica [00:07:03] One of the things, as REALTORS, is we have the ability to kind of see what commission is being paid by the person that’s listing the house. And I know sometimes when you list a for sale by owner, unfortunately you have kind of a unknown area of “is my client or is my buyer going to be able to get the house,” first of all? And then second of all, because you’re representing the buyer, am I going to be able to be paid for the sale of this transaction? And so there’s a little more work that goes in for the buyer’s agent directly dealing with the seller. The problem arises if the seller is unexperienced in the rules and regulations of real estate, when they’re told by a represented. a representative REALTOR that they have to do this, or they have to pay that, or they have to clear that. Is that necessarily true? And I think those are some big traps that for sale by owners step into because they don’t know that that’s something that is negotiable. They don’t know that there’s an option there for them not to have to pay that that it could be a buyer expense, that it could be something that the buyer takes responsibility for. And I think that those are things to be aware of. And I think the one of the biggest representations on the flip side is buyers that are getting into new builds. I think when they go into a, you know, finding a neighborhood that they really like, that’s got a brand-new house, that they can get settled into. If they go into that and they don’t know what they’re doing and they’re signing up for a bunch of the stuff, or they’re adding all these extra upgrades, or they’re they’re considering this or that. Not having a buyer representation on their side, which most of the times the buyer commission is paid through the seller, through the builder, through that. So it doesn’t cost the buyer out of pocket expenses and they go into something like that. Then what happens if they get to a point in their build where that’s not the right countertop that they purchased?

Cali [00:09:13] Well, I think that that the main thing buyers need to keep in mind when they go into a new construction purchase is that the builder rep represents the Builder.

Jessica [00:09:20] Correct?

Cali [00:09:21] Only. They only represent the Builder. So, you know, it’s good to have someone representing you. And, and I mean, who wants to be on the side of the table by themselves when there’s a stack of other people opposite you? You know?

Jessica [00:09:35] Yeah.

Cali [00:09:35] You know, I think that that you should always have your own representation in that scenario.

Jessica [00:09:39] I think you should. yeah! Representation’s, very important. Education is very important. Knowing what you’re doing, knowing what’s going on, and knowing how you can protect yourself, is essential in real estate. I mean, we’ve mentioned this on multiple shows that, at the end of the day, buying and selling your home is one of the biggest expenses you’re going to come across. And people do it more and more often nowadays. I mean, back in the eighties, what? You know, you bought your house for 20 years till your kids grew up and then you downsized. You had two homes. And now, you know, the average person moves, what, five to every 5 to 7 years?

Cali [00:10:15] I believe that’s correct. Every 5 to 7 years.

Jessica [00:10:17] I know. So that’s a very large expense that you have. And just in case you’re joining us, we’re here with my business partner, Cali Redd and The Real Estate of Texas. And we’re talking about why you need a REALTOR? What the representation of a REALTOR is? And how we can help you in both the selling side and the buying side and why that’s so important. Got any other questions for me, Ms. Cali?

Cali [00:10:43] Well, let me think. You were telling me a story the other day about someone you had talked to, ended up selling, just a smidge bit too early, and had to give up a lot of money on capital gains.

Jessica [00:10:56] Oh, yes, we did. This was not a client that was ours. It was a situation I kind of heard on the outskirts. What happened was, is this client decided that they were going to sell their house. They wanted some money for a, for a future venture. And so they had thrown their house up on the market. It had been listed for a little while. They took a, a price reduction on it, and they were willing to accept that price reduction. They got a full price offer on it. And during the negotiations, they were told that the house did appraise at value. But the concern was the appraiser had said that there was a, about 450-500 square feet less than what the house had had actually been.

Cali [00:11:44] 450?

Jessica [00:11:45] About 450 square feet less. Yeah. And so with that reduction, the buyers wanted a price reduction for that amount of square footage. And so you took another huge price reduction on the house. Even though the house had been appraised correctly; it had been priced at that value, even with 450 square feet less. And then we come to find out that the that the person was going to end up closing on their house about two weeks before their two-year mark.

Cali [00:12:19] Yeah.

Jessica [00:12:20] And so the capital gains that they were going to take was going to be another huge amount. So…

Cali [00:12:24] Yeah, when you told me that I was.

Jessica [00:12:25] We’re, we’re talking about…

Cali [00:12:27] Completely dumbfounded.

Jessica [00:12:28] A hundred–almost $120,000 in a swing in someone’s pocketbook of what they were supposed to make. And that’s a huge amount, especially if you’re looking to invest this into something to grow a small business. to…

Cali [00:12:42] Easy.

Jessica [00:12:43] I mean, what if you were doing it for your kid’s college fund? And this was the money that you expected to do that?

Cali [00:12:48] Or what if I was just doing it because I want to put some money in the bank? I mean.

Jessica [00:12:51] I know!

Cali [00:12:51] Yeah.

Jessica [00:12:51] I know! So, you know, these things being uninformed, being uneducated, not purposely, but just not knowing what to ask, not knowing where to go in. And, you know, that’s why REALTOR are important. That’s why they do help you get to the end. And our goal is to… Not inundate you with a bunch of questions, but our goal is to understand what it is, what’s your reasoning behind buying a house? What is your reasoning behind selling a house? Because if you want to sell your house, just because you’re done with the house and you want to move on and you don’t have any constraints, you’re not really concerned about it, then we can list your house at a price that you can go a couple of months and you can wait for the right, the right thing to fall in your lap. But if it’s something where you got to move to Alaska tomorrow and you can’t afford two mortgages, where do you fall? How do you price your house? How do you price it in a way that you can sell it? Still get the most value for it, but you’re not worried about the appraisal meeting value? You’re not worried about any repairs that have to be done. You’re not worried about X, Y and Z because you know that, at the end of the day, this is what you need to pocket. And we can back you into that because all the expenses that occur with real estate is all negotiable. And so when Cali and I sit you down and we talk about the things that you need to do to get you to the end of the line, we address all of those things. We address all of the costs that are associated with it, why those are associated with it. And, you know, we can always give you a million, billion suggestions on how this might line up. And of course, you know, most of the time it’s going to be the million and one. But we give you a big general idea of exactly what to expect, why to expect it, and how to expect it in the timeframe that goes on, dependent on your needs.

Cali [00:14:43] Yeah, and that’s the same for the buyers, too. I mean, in this last year, if you didn’t need a house right this second, it was probably not the greatest time to buy a house.

Jessica [00:14:50] No, it wasn’t.

Cali [00:14:51] So if you had a lease that you were already in for the next year anyways and why not sit around and wait for, wait for a minute for the market to cool down?

Jessica [00:14:58] Yeah.

Cali [00:14:59] You know, everybody’s situation is individual, so it’s important to have somebody that’s on your timeline. Not on their timeline.

Jessica [00:15:05] And I think the biggest thing that people don’t realize is that the REALTOR connects you with every aspect of the entire contract from start to finish. So whether you’re on the buyer side or the seller side, that REALTOR communicates with the lender, communicates with the inspectors, communicates with the repairs, communicates with the title company, communicates with every single thing that you need done. And in working that, we don’t let things fall through the cracks. And I think that’s one of the biggest pushes that Cali and I have had, in our seven and a half years at Solid Realty Group, is we really want to make sure that we’re not letting you down, that we’re not getting to the point where you’re confused about something. Our job is to make sure that we keep everything afloat and that we’re working in conjunction with the other REALTORS or the other seller or buyer, and making sure that we end up getting this transaction to the closing table and, you know, making sure that if you do have something that you have to jump through, that we make sure that you know everything that you’re jumping into and why you’re your jumping into it. [76.7s] For example, we have a client that’s purchasing a house right now and, you know, we had the inspector come in and there were some things that needed to get. There are some things that needed to get done. And so, you know, we had the inspector that came in, we had all of those items that they needed to be fixed. For example, the inspector had said that there was mold in the vents, right? Which at the end of the day that, that happens. Those are things that happen. So it’s easy enough to get an air duct company to come in and spray it out and to do all of that stuff, to service it, to make sure all the vents are clean. But if you get into a scenario in which the seller doesn’t want to do that because the seller feels that that’s something that’s too expensive for them or they don’t want to damage their their vents or, you know, whatever the reason is, how do we make sure that both parties end up being satisfied? And really what we do is we have a couple of options. At the end of the day, you don’t necessarily. everybody is not completely 100% happy, but everybody’s in a situation where we can, we can deal with it. We can live with this, this case. We can live with the scenario. And so, you know, you kind of bounce back and forth and the seller says, “oh, you know, I’m willing to do this, but I’m not willing to do this.” And, you know, you give them a whole list of stuff and some of it, you know, of course, is the honeydew list and some of it we’ve got to talk our clients off the ledges. You know , it’s…

Cali [00:17:53] Well, I think that’s an important point, though, is is that it can be a it’s it’s an a very emotionally driven transaction for people when they’re in it, right?

Jessica [00:18:00] Oh, of course.

Cali [00:18:01] So it’s it’s a matter of keeping the emotion out of it and making it be a business transaction. And your REALTOR really kind of helps you put the dollars to the paper and keeping the emotion out of it.

Jessica [00:18:12] Yes, because sometimes you get REALTORS that are, that are emotionally tied to it and then it seems to become almost a standoff sometimes where they’re not, they’re not actually representing their client. They’re representing their ego. And that gets to be. that’s a hard point, too, where you tell somebody, hey, you know, I need this fixed or I want this done. And, you know, the agent needs to make sure that they’re representing their client.

Cali [00:18:36] Right. Well, I think, I think sometimes client. clients, too. REALTORS, client, whoever? People. Digging your heels on it point, right?

Jessica [00:18:43] Right.

Cali [00:18:43] I want this done. And if I can’t have that done, then, you know, I want to take my toys and go home. [JESS LAUGHS]. Well, but they don’t necessarily even know what that thing that they want done is causing them. You know, they blow it up in their heads to be this giant thing. And then it turns out it’s, you know, worth 100 bucks. I mean. You know, so so it’s like, let’s just keep everybody levelheaded, you know? That’s sort of one of the main purposes as well, I would think.

Jessica [00:19:08] Yeah. And everybody levelheaded, everybody on time, everybody in place to know exactly what it is that they’re getting and they’re expecting, you know, you have a contract that has third party financing attached to it and there’s X amount of days that are, that are there for the lender to get the documents in, to get the appraisal and to get all of those things that you need. And so, you know, there’s certain timelines that you have to make because the seller also needs to be informed that, hey, the lender is progressing with the loan. The lender is in this step, this phase. This is the only thing that we need left over because you don’t want to get to the end of the day. I mean, where the seller’s like, “okay, I’m ready to close!” And the tile company’s like, “we don’t have lender docs because nobody called and verified that the lender was actually processing alone.” And the lender’s like, “Oh, I never got the contract. Sorry, guys, we’re, you know, restarting.”.

Cali [00:20:01] Oh My. Well, that would be, that would be. not good.

Jessica [00:20:03] Remember? We had that, we had that situation with the title company, not us, but you know, it was one of the stories that it was like, the title, the title company never got any acknowledgment of the. of the contract to…

Cali [00:20:14] No, I don’t remember that one.

Jessica [00:20:15] Oh okay. That was a bad one. Those are things that your REALTOR needs to make sure that they’re doing. I mean…

Cali [00:20:21] I remember the one where the guy didn’t move out. Where’s it’s like, “Oh, oh I was supposed to be gone by the closing date? I thought I could stay for.” What? [LAUGHS].

Jessica [00:20:30] [LAUGHS]. I know! I know!

Cali [00:20:31] “I know your agent. You’re not gonna get packing yet.”

Jessica [00:20:33] I know.

Cali [00:20:33] “We’re going to delay the closing a couple of days, give you some time.” [LAUGHS].

Jessica [00:20:36] Or, or I mean, we’ve, we’ve gone, we’ve gone to houses with final walkthroughs, in which I mean, remember the one where they took all the stones out of the backyard to the pool?

Cali [00:20:50] Oh yeah. The pathway.

Jessica [00:20:50] The pathway. The entire pathway. And so we go to walk through the, through the house and there’s, you know, 20 stones that are big, beautiful limestone stones that are completely gone. And they had pulled all the flowers out of the little flower beds around the the pool area because they wanted to take it with their new house. We had somebody take a flagpole, an entire flag out of the front yard, like they broke the concrete and they dug it up. And, you know, those are things that you just don’t think about. And it’s interesting because you have to approach those situations and you have to be like, “okay, how do I handle this? What do I do?” What do we do now? Because my client or their client expected something and they show up with a different thing. And those are emotional things that tie you to, you know, that like Cali said, that little, “I’m going to take my toys and go home because I didn’t get what I want.” And you’re like, “wait a second, that. we can fix this. This is, this is an inconsequential, you know, three hour delay in your life. We will be able to handle it, will be able to do it.” And, you know, sometimes without representation, you don’t know where you can go from there or you’re just told, “nope, sorry, take it.” You know? You can’t. And, and that’s something that people just kind of sometimes will take a deep breath and say, “okay, I’ll I’ll take it.” But it doesn’t really, it’s not really what it should be. But they’re being told by someone who is in the industry that this is the way it goes and they don’t know any better. And so our whole show, our whole point today was to talk to you about why you needed representation, whether it’s the buyer side or the seller side. And if you guys have any questions for us, you can reach out to Solid Realty Group. Both Cali and I are available. Our phone number is 210-827-3733 and our website is Solid Realty Group dot com. And of course you can find us on Facebook and if you have any questions at all, check out our “Moving to Texas? All about Boerne” Facebook Group and post some questions for us that we’re happy to answer on our show. And you got anything else for us today, Cali?

Cali [00:22:42] Nope, I think that’ll do it.

Jessica [00:22:43] All right. Well, when we get back, we are going to talk to Diana Ward for our Boerne Business Spotlight with Uptown Chic. What a fabulous little place!

Cali [00:22:52] Yeah, I love that place. Very cute.

Jessica [00:22:54] All right. Real Estate of Texas and we will be right back.

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Cali [00:23:38] Welcome back, everybody, and thank you so much for joining us here on The Real Estate of Texas. Today, we have in the studio with us Diana Ward of Uptown Chic right here at 153 Main. Hi, Diana!

Cali [00:23:50] How are you today? Thanks for coming!

Speaker 3 [00:23:52] Thank you for having me.

Cali [00:23:54] I enjoy your shop all the time whenever I’m over here in the building.

Diana Ward [00:23:58] Oh, thank you very much.

Cali [00:23:59] Yes. Tell us, tell us all about you and your in your shop down there.

Diana Ward [00:24:02] We have been opened on Main Street approximately four years, and we currently have another boutique in New Braunfels called Alibi Boutique. We did have another one called Uptown Chic, which was our first Uptown Chic. We started it 12 years ago, but during the pandemic we merged it with Alibi Boutique because it was difficult to have three full time boutiques with getting workers. And we also created an online presence.

Cali [00:24:30] Oh, so how is that going? The online portion?

Diana Ward [00:24:32] It’s going good.

Cali [00:24:33] Yeah, it’s. that’s a different venture for ya?

Diana Ward [00:24:35] It is.

Cali [00:24:36] Good. So what brought you over to Boerne?

Diana Ward [00:24:38] We just. we had been in New Braunfels, and we were looking for another site in the Hill Country, and it just seemed like a perfect fit because it was like 40 minutes from New Braunfels and we knew people like to enjoy the hill country. And so we just decided. we drove over, we drove all in the surrounding areas, and we settled upon Boerne and there was a space available.

Jessica [00:25:02] Oh, we’re so glad to have you. Your shop is, darling. It’s dangerous. It’s.

Diana Ward [00:25:06] Oh, thank you!

Jessica [00:25:07] So much fun!

Diana Ward [00:25:08] Thank you so much.

Jessica [00:25:10] But you’ve got. Tell us how many different little vendors do you guys have in there that you bring in?

Diana Ward [00:25:16] Oh, we probably have 30 to 40. We bring in a variety of vendors.

Jessica [00:25:23] I know. That’s really cool. Where do you where do you find them?

Diana Ward [00:25:26] We go to markets: we go to Dallas, we go to Vegas, we go all over the place.

Jessica [00:25:31] And then you bring them all to Boerne! And so we can shop in one little place and get everything that we want!

Diana Ward [00:25:36] Thank you.

Jessica [00:25:36] So you’re located downstairs underneath Richter’s Tavern, correct?

Diana Ward [00:25:40] Yes.

Jessica [00:25:40] At the very front. So how do people find you? How do they get in touch with you?

Diana Ward [00:25:44] They either walk by traffic or from word-of-mouth. A lot of people have been customers of ours and a lot of people from New Braunfels because we’ve been there for so long. We send them on over to Boerne because if they don’t find something at our shop, we want them to find it somewhere locally in Boerne.

Cali [00:26:00] Good. Now, tell me how you got into the boutique business?

Diana Ward [00:26:03] I, out of college, I started working for a high-end clothing line called Guy LaRoche, and it was out of France. And so I was a buyer and a manager for them. I traveled to Europe in New York, so that was my first career. And then I raised my children and wanted to stay home with them and raised them. And then I picked back up. And right now, both my daughters are in the business helping with both stores.

Jessica [00:26:31] Oh, that gave me goosebumps!

Diana Ward [00:26:31] So, it’s kind of a family affair.

Cali [00:26:33] Yeah, that’s a great story!

Jessica [00:26:35] How great! Well, thank you so much for coming on and joining us. We really love to talk about the Boerne Business Spotlight and we are very happy to have Diana here with us today.

Diana Ward [00:26:46] Thank you so much for having me.

Cali [00:26:47] That’s all the time we have today for The Real Estate of Texas presented by Solid Realty Group. Remember us if you’re in the market for a new house or thinking about selling the one you’ve got. Call us today at 210-827-3733 or go to Have a beautiful day!

Jessica [00:27:05] Bye y’all!

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