Create a Welcoming Landscape

June 6, 2024

Create a Welcoming Landscape

Create a Welcoming Landscape

When selling a house, first impressions matter. The simple act of planting flowers helps create a welcoming landscape that can catch the attention of potential buyers. Because they bloom for only one season, flowering annuals are an inexpensive option, ready to dazzle from the moment they're planted.

Versatile petunias are sun-loving plants known for their abundant blooms and vibrant colors. Add them to pots or hanging baskets. Their sweet aroma also attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.

Striking and resilient, zinnias are no-fuss, cheerful flowers. Full blooms last a long time and add a touch of whimsy to any sunny spot.

For a distinctive look, plant celosia in sunny garden beds. Intense colors and plumed or crested flowers make a lasting impact. They're easy to care for, drought-tolerant and fast-growing.

Colorful impatiens are a charming option for shady areas. Delicate flower petals contrast against dark green foliage, creating a lush display.

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