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Better Closets, Better Offers

March 1, 2024

Better Closets, Better Offers

Better Closets, Better Offers

Closet space may not be the first thing on a potential home buyer's wishlist, but a lack of it can be a real door closer. Even if your home doesn't have the biggest closets, clever organization can tip the scale for better offers. Try these suggestions.

  • Put out-of-season clothing in storage and arrange the rest by color on quality hangers.
  • To create space, avoid storing shoes and other items on the closet floor.
  • Store linens and cleaning supplies out-of-sight in a cabinet.
  • Ensure your closet is well-lit, and retouch paint on any scuffed walls.
  • Stage a walk-in closet by displaying attractive shoes and other accessories on shelving.
  • Tuck a subtly scented, unlit candle into a corner for ambience.

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