On our August 13th episode of The Real Estate of Texas, Jessica and Cali got into the realistic expectations that a new home buyer should have. Before you begin your house shopping adventure, there are few things you should check off your list. It will save you time and, most of all, it will save you stress.

What should be my first step before I can shop for a home?

Contact the lender of your choice or, better yet, call 2 or 3 and see which one you prefer to work with. Solid Realty Group can offer you lender suggestions/referrals.

Gather your documents:

  • Drivers License
  • W-2 or P &L Statements
  • 2 years of tax returns
  • Bank Statement

How much money do you need to have on hand you might wonder?

  1. Your down payment amount which you will determine with your lender.
  2. 1% of the purchase price of your property plus $2000 or so would be our recommendation.

What else do I need to keep in mind?

Once you’ve been pre-qualified for your home loan:

  • DO NOT open new lines of credit.
  • DO NOT make in major purchases: Automobiles, furniture, RV’s, Boats.
  • DO NOT put large purchases on your current credit cards.

Schedule your meeting with us here at Solid Realty Group. We will sift through your wants and needs and lead you down the path of finding your new property!


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Original Air Date: 8/13/22

On this episode of The Real Estate of Texas: What to expect when you’re buying a house? It’s not just about the down payment. Are you coming to the table completely prepared? Jessica and Cali are talking Home Buyer Expectations and how should your agent be preparing you on this episode of The Real Estate of Texas presented by Solid Realty Group of Boerne, Texas.

In the second half of our show, in our “Boerne Business Spotlight,” we’re chatting about the Boerne business community with Kim Blohm, President of Boerne Chamber of Commerce.


Episode #105 – Buyer Expectations, The Real Estate Of Texas

JESSICA [00:00:02] Another big thing is that you need to be financially prepared for some of the expenses that are going to come when you purchase a house and you’re like, “Oh, okay, I can put, you know, 3% down because that’s what I’m reading, or I have to put 10% down because that’s what I’m reading.” And so people come into that not really knowing exactly what it’s going to cost them up front, right? When you have this situation as a buyer, you need to realize that there’s a couple of expenses that are are going to come when you purchase a house. Some of them are upfront and some of them are at the end.

INTRO [00:00:33] Welcome to The Real Estate of Texas with the Gals of the Hill Country brought to you by Solid Realty Group in Boerne, Texas at SolidRealtyGroup.com. And now your hosts, Jessica Johnson and Cali Redd.

JESSICA [00:00:47] Good morning, y’all. My name is Jessica Johnson. I’m one of the co owners here at Solid Realty Group. And I’m joined by my wonderful business partner, Miss Cali Redd. We are The Real Estate of Texas and we are super happy to be shooting this show this afternoon on Main Street at 153 Main at the wonderful Richter’s Tavern. We’re super appreciative of Joey and Guy allowing us to shoot our show here and what’s coming up today, Cali?

CALI [00:01:11] Hey Jessica, how are you doing today?

JESSICA [00:01:13] I’m fantastic!

CALI [00:01:14] Yes. Well, today we are going to talk about buying a house, the process of buying a house. And if you uh, stick with us for a little while. You’ll also get to hear from the wonderful Kim Blohm over at the Chamber of Commerce. She’s going to come and talk to us about all the great things that the Chamber has coming up.

JESSICA [00:01:29] Yeah, Boerne Chamber’s fantastic. What we’re talking about this afternoon or this morning is we’re talking about buyers. And so what we want to do is we want to get our buyers prepared for what it’s going to actually cost them to buy a house. Because I think one of the biggest issues that we end up having is that people are so excited and so ready to buy a home, but they don’t know what they actually have to have. And so our starter conversations with people that are interested in buying a house is we really break down kind of what it is that you need to have. And so when we first talk to a buyer, you know, a lot of times they’re super excited. They’re like, I want this house in this neighborhood, in this area. And you’re like, okay, that’s great. And I’m super happy to get you into that house. But mathematically and financially, are you ready? And so we always recommend that, you know, you talk to a, a lender and the lenders will give you a lot more of the detailed information, you know, what you need for your W-2s or what you need for this or or how they’re actually going to get you the money. But our responsibility as agents is to educate our clients on what funds they have to have, even to get into contract. I mean, what is it that we have to do? There’s four expenses that they need to prepare themselves for?

CALI [00:02:46] Right. Well, they need to be prepared upfront to be able to put down their earnest money and their option fee and pay for their inspections.

JESSICA [00:02:53] Right. So and they also need to have their down payment.

CALI [00:02:56] Well, right. Yes.

JESSICA [00:02:57] Right. So so, you know, the first thing that we typically ask them is, have you been pre-qualified?

CALI [00:03:02] Right. Have you spoken to a lender?

JESSICA [00:03:04] Right. And so that, that’s the starting point. And then we tell them, okay, well, is your lender going to require your loan to be 3% down payment? Is it a 5% down payment? Is it a 10%, 20%? Because there’s a huge difference. I mean, if we’re talking about a $400,000 house at 3%, that’s a $12,000 down payment. If you’re talking about a $400,000 at 10% down, that’s $40,000. Right? 20%. That’s 80. I mean, those numbers are going astronomically bigger as we talk about the the larger the down payment. And there’s some great resources out there that lenders have that allow you to, you know, borrow your down payment, get a down payment assistance, get those types of things. But again, those programs are dependent on what’s going on in the market. And if those things are being offered at that time.

CALI [00:03:51] Well, and what type of loan you qualify for at all? I mean, maybe don’t qualify for a conventional loan with 20% down, or maybe you can get the VA and you don’t have to have anything down. So it’s just a matter of talking with the lenders and seeing what programs apply to you.

JESSICA [00:04:05] Correct. Correct. And then understanding that like, hey, that down payment, that money is actually not spent until the moment you close on your house. That day that you actually become the new homeowner. Whereas some of the other expenses that you mentioned earlier, like the earnest money and the option fee and the inspection, those are all paid during the time that you’re under contract while you’re buying your house.

CALI [00:04:28] Right. Well, it’s coming out of your account and going into the escrow account held by the title company. Yes. So you don’t necessarily have access to that…

JESSICA [00:04:34] No, you don’t.

CALI [00:04:36] …earnest money anymore at that point. You don’t. And so typically right now in Texas, and in least in the areas that we’re at, most of the time, the option or the option fees are on a, on a daily basis, about ten, $25 per day for the amount of time that you actually ask the seller to give you to get the inspections done in your house.

CALI [00:04:56] And you’re not getting that back. You’re not. That’s going that about I mean, that’s not a huge amount of money. But people need to be prepared for, you know, $100 to $300 or so depending on the house.

JESSICA [00:05:06] And then, and then that option fee that is if you end up getting to the closing table does get credited back to you.

CALI [00:05:14] It can. Yes.

JESSICA [00:05:15] It can. Yeah.

CALI [00:05:15] Most of the time it would get credited back to you at the closing table.

JESSICA [00:05:19] Correct. But the reason that there is an option fee is for that buyer to go into that house and to do any inspection that they want, whether it’s a general inspection, a roof inspection, foundation inspection. Now, of course, all those things are going to come out of the buyer’s pocketbook, but it allows the buyer to feel comfortable in the home that they’re purchasing.

CALI [00:05:40] You mean the cost of the inspection?

JESSICA [00:05:41] Correct.

CALI [00:05:42] Is paid for by the buyer? That is correct.

JESSICA [00:05:44] Correct.

CALI [00:05:44] So that can be, you know, 300, $300 to you know, $1,000, depending on how many inspections and what types of inspections you’re looking to get.

JESSICA [00:05:52] Exactly. And during that option period, the buyers and the sellers can negotiate and come to an agreement for the buyer’s to buy the house, the seller’s to sell their house, or you can walk away from the house. And I mean, I don’t see that very often, but it does give the buyers a little bit of…

CALI [00:06:09] Comfort.

JESSICA [00:06:10] Comfort, I think that’s a great word. Yeah. For them to make sure that the house that they’re moving into meets all the minimum standards.

CALI [00:06:17] Right. This is a little bit of a whirlwind, you know, when you’re out looking for your home and then you see it and then you’re placing an offer to buy it. And you might have only seen the house one time, maybe a couple of times, but …

JESSICA [00:06:29] Yeah. And so if you’re just joining us, my name is Jessica Johnson. I’m one of the realtors, one of the owners here at Solid Realty Group. And we are on The Real Estate of Texas with my wonderful business partner, Miss Cali Redd. And we’re talking about the things that buyers need to get into their house. And we just been discussing the option fee, which also includes the opportunity for them to get inspectors to come in and check on their house. And the other fee that they need to have upfront is the earnest money. And essentially that’s kind of the … I don’t know, Cali, how would you explain that?

CALI [00:07:02] Well, I would I would say that that’s the money that you put up that says, “I truly want to buy your house. Here. Here’s my proof.” I earnestly want to seek to purchase this home.

JESSICA [00:07:11] And typically that’s about 1%. So, you know, on a $400,000 home, you’re looking at about about $4,000. And that gets put down within the first three days of the contract being signed that that has to be delivered to the title company and the title company has to receive that. And that shows that, hey, you know, when X amount of days I’m, I’m choosing to purchase the house that we’ve agreed that I purchase.

CALI [00:07:33] Right, right. So I mean, you need to be prepared for the 1% and a couple of hundred dollars, maybe up to $1,000.

JESSICA [00:07:40] Yes.

CALI [00:07:40] Right up front, you know, within the first week or so.

JESSICA [00:07:43] Yeah. And you also have to be prepared as a buyer. You know, the lenders are going to ask you a lot of questions. And I know this personally because I just went through having to buy a house. And it’s, it’s really a … on a personal level, it’s really interesting because all the things that you don’t think that they need, they really need. And I mean, I had a client … I had a client the other day, we were, we were going through the ringer on what they needed to bring and the you know, the lender needed this, lender needed that. And finally, my client was like, do I need to bring a death certificate for my second cousin’s third wife who died? Because that’s, that’s what was like, how much information they had. So, you know, we need to prepare our buyers that, hey, the lenders are really going to ask you a lot of questions because this is a huge purchase and they have to make sure that at the end of the day, you’re a sound financial investment for them as well. You know, they’re the third party that’s agreeing to this. And they also have to weigh their options on what it is that they can and cannot provide for you. And so, again, when we ask you those questions, when you get ready to buy a house, it’s not because we’re nosy. It’s because we want to educate ourselves on exactly what it is that you need to be provided. Because if I don’t know that…

CALI [00:08:54] You haven’t probated the will and it’s…

JESSICA [00:08:56] Yeah. And then all..

CALI [00:08:57] and it’s a house that’s tied up.

JESSICA [00:08:59] You’re right. And it’s going to get, you know, divided between eight heirs. Who’s siding on that? Who’s the responsibility, who’s the executor?

CALI [00:09:05] There are so many things that you might not know.

JESSICA [00:09:07] Exactly.

CALI [00:09:07] If you didn’t really go through a thorough interview process right with the buyer.

JESSICA [00:09:11] And then sometimes even, even as simple as you know, if you’ve … If you’re moving from one job to another, I mean, how many times have we gotten to the end of the loan the lender calls day or day before and the lender verifies your employment? I mean, we’ve had cases where they’re like, oh yeah, that person still works for us. But today’s their last day. Yeah, the lender, the lender’s like, oh, we’re declining the loan.

CALI [00:09:34] Or, or the people went out and bought a car or, or a whole house full of furniture. Do not open new lines of credit.

JESSICA [00:09:40] Do not.

CALI [00:09:41] Yes, Rooms-To-Go is a line of credit. In case you did not know, Rooms-To-Go is a line of credit. Don’t do that.

JESSICA [00:09:46] Yes. Now, if you have a credit card that’s currently open, that is not a … that is not opening a line of credit. You can spend money on there, you can buy gas, you can do all of that stuff. But going out and getting something new because the lenders are also checking your debt to income ratio. I mean, we had that. Somebody bought a car two days before closing …

CALI [00:10:04] Well, that was many years ago, but yes, that did happen.

JESSICA [00:10:05] Yes, but but the lender ran the their credit like within 24 hours. And he was like their debt to income ratios now over and the, the guy that was buying the house was like oh well I was just co-signing. And I was like, what…

CALI [00:10:18] Well, that was the problem, right? People don’t think about it.

JESSICA [00:10:20] Right.

CALI [00:10:21] And they don’t think about the co-signing is also affecting their own credit.

JESSICA [00:10:24] Right.

CALI [00:10:25] I mean, we tell people, don’t go out and buy a car. Don’t buy a house full of furniture, don’t do these things. But they don’t think, oh, I was just co-signing for my niece.

JESSICA [00:10:31] Yeah.

CALI [00:10:31] It’s … It’s a nothing move. Now, you don’t get a house.

JESSICA [00:10:34] Yeah.

CALI [00:10:34] Sorry.

JESSICA [00:10:34] And so that’s a huge that’s a huge scramble. And it’s a, it’s a heartbreaking thing for us to do to.

CALI [00:10:39] It’s horrible.

JESSICA [00:10:39] We’ve gotten you all the way to the end. And we can’t get you we can get you finished because X, Y, Z. But a lot of people, you know, I’ve heard stories where they’ve never been told that. They’re like, we weren’t told not to buy furniture. We weren’t told that we couldn’t do this. Or people that get ready to buy, buy the, buy their homes and they’re like, Oh, no, we don’t, we don’t, we don’t have that money. We’re getting it from an estate or we’re getting it from a divorce or we’re getting it from somewhere else. And the lenders like, “Well, I can’t verify those funds. I can’t get you into the house.” So, you know, how do we do that? And I think if we prepare our clients upfront and we educate them on what they need and why they need it and how they can get it done, the way that they can do that gives us a much larger area of expertise, because I can say I’m not the expert in that. Here you go. Talk to this lender, right? I’m ….

CALI [00:11:32] Right.

JESSICA [00:11:33] I’m not the one that knows that. But I know who can or, or even, you know, rolling over, you know, doing a 1031 exchange. I mean, how many people now have property that they’re buying and selling because that’s part of their 1031 exchange. If we don’t tell them what they need or they don’t get the right accountant or they don’t get the, the right 1031 then they’re in a predicament that they weren’t even prepared to be in, you know, and we have we have it a lot easier now. But, you know, getting, getting your … Purchasing a house and being able to get to the end of the line requires a lot of work, requires a little bit of stress. And, you know, we do our best to walk our client through and be like, hey, we basic…

CALI [00:12:12] Connect them to the right expert, right? Because I mean, the lender should really be telling you things, things like don’t go buy a car, right? Connecting people to the right expert that they need in the situation that they’re in, is, is really the key to all of it.

JESSICA [00:12:28] Yeah. And I mean, I think I think some people, you know, they are prepared to buy the house. But they were in a program the last time they bought a house and this is how they got into it. And they expect to be able to do the same thing for this House. But their circumstances have changed.

CALI [00:12:42] Or the market probably changed. Probably everything changed.

JESSICA [00:12:45] Yeah. And so it’s also a really interesting domino effect when we help someone who’s selling a house and also purchasing a house. But if they’re purchasing the house from someone who’s selling the house, you know, everything needs to be lined up correctly.

CALI [00:13:00] Like the same-day-closing kind of thing?

JESSICA [00:13:02] You know, and …

CALI [00:13:02] That’s always an adventure.

JESSICA [00:13:04] We had … God, it was years ago. We had a client and it was what, like five … five home domino effect. Remember that?

CALI [00:13:10] It actually happens quite a bit.

JESSICA [00:13:11] It does. It does. Where, you know, you’re the catalyst, you’re the starter for that. And what had happened? Oh, we had a crazy roof situation.

CALI [00:13:20] Where I don’t remember the specific one you’re talking about, but it probably doesn’t matter.

JESSICA [00:13:23] We had this client and our client was selling her home and to sell her home she was buying a home. And then the home that she was buying, they were selling and buying in the people that they were buying and selling for were buying. And so we had five homes that were all closing on the same day.

CALI [00:13:40] Well, I don’t know that it was the same day, but yeah, within about 24 to 48 hours it was pretty quick. Yeah.

JESSICA [00:13:45] And we … a couple of days before the people that were buying it, the other agent was also a representative of the lending company, was also a representative of the home….

CALI [00:13:58] That was crazy. I know what you’re talking about now.

JESSICA [00:14:00] Yeah. And so and so all of a sudden, a couple days before closing, we got this weird thing from the, the, the potential buyers and it was like, hey, there’s a problem with your roof.

CALI [00:14:09] They were trying to call … hold everybody hostage.

[00:14:11] Yeah and so they, they … But they knew that we were in this situation and so they were like, Oh no, you have to replace your roof. And so we got really lucky. We had this … Molina Roofing. Mike Molina.

CALI [00:14:21] Yes. We have to have him on. He’s great.

JESSICA [00:14:23] We do. He is great. But Mike came over and it was hysterical because the, the, the first house that he went to was actually not our house.

CALI [00:14:32] And so he’s climbing on somebody else’s roof.

JESSICA [00:14:34] And he calls us to be like, hey, there’s a … there’s … there is a problem with the roof. And I was like, “Well, what do you mean? We’re standing here?” And he’s like, “I’m standing on the roof. There’s a problem.” I’m like, “Well, you’re not at our house because we’re right here and there’s nobody on the roof.” And he’s like, ‘Oh my God, I’m at the wrong house.” So about 15 minutes later, he comes over and he’s like, “No, the right … The roof is great.” And he had been a it anyway …

CALI [00:14:55] Adjuster.

JESSICA [00:14:55] He had been an adjuster for years and so he knew what to do. And so he wrote up a report and he did it all. But this lend .. this agent who was also the lender and he was also the insurance company, was like really pushing on us about giving these discounts. And he wanted, he wanted our own company…

CALI [00:15:14] It was crazy. It was craziness. We were not and our client was not agreeing to any of that.

JESSICA [00:15:18] She wasn’t.

CALI [00:15:19] But it did all close. Everything all closed fine. And no one had to, you know, give up a pint of blood.

JESSICA [00:15:23] They didn’t.

CALI [00:15:23] Or anything else. It was great.

JESSICA [00:15:25] We had to give up a lot of stress…

CALI [00:15:27] Time. We had to give up time, which is… But it was, it all worked out nicely.

JESSICA [00:15:32] It does. It does.

CALI [00:15:33] But.

JESSICA [00:15:33] But you really need to know as a buyer, there’s a lot of things that need to get yourself prepared for it. There’s a lot of things that you need to be ready for. And I think one of the biggest things that, that buyers miss out on is when you decide you want this certain criteria, it’s really important for you to really stay within that criteria. And that’s why we ask those questions, too, because if you tell me I want square footage at this, I want this price, I want these things. This is what we look for. And when people start panicking, all of a sudden they want to look at everything. And then when you start looking at everything, it gets overwhelming because then you’re like…

CALI [00:16:06] And then you don’t like what you end up buying.

JESSICA [00:16:07] Right. Which is also a very horrible situation that we never want to put you in. So when we ask you those questions upfront, again, that’s for us to educate ourselves, to make sure that we get you in the absolute right place that you want in the timeframe that you need.

CALI [00:16:21] When we return, you will meet Kim Blohm, president and CEO of the Greater Boerne Chamber of Commerce. My name is Cali Redd. I’m here with Jessica Johnson and this is The Real Estate of Texas and when we return, we’ll meet Kim Long, president and CEO at the Burnie Chamber of Commerce. My name is Kelly Rudd. I’m here with Jessica Johnson and this is the real estate of Texas brought to you by Solid Realty Group.

JESSICA [00:16:42] Y’all have a wonderful Saturday.

COMMERCIAL [00:16:48] The real estate of Texas is always changing. Get a solid start to buying or selling a house with Solid Realty Group. Hey, y’all. I’m Jessica Johnson, co-owner of Solid Realty Group, Boerne’s Five-Star Realtors, where we have saved our clients over $3 million. Given today’s rising home values and interest rates, every penny counts. Call Solid Realty Group to buy or sell, and we can help you save more and stress less. Call us at 210-827-3733. SolidRealtyGroup.com.

CALI [00:17:26] Welcome back, everyone. You’re listening to The Real Estate of Texas presented by Solid Realty Group. We are broadcasting today from 153 Main Street right here in the historic district of Boerne, Texas. And we’re so blessed today to have Kim Blohm from the Chamber of Commerce join us. Welcome, Kim.

KIM [00:17:45] Thank you, ladies. It is beautiful up here.

JESSICA [00:17:47] It really is. It’s a nice little hidden secret.

CALI [00:17:50] Of course, Jessica Johnson is here with us as well.

JESSICA [00:17:52] She’s here. Hi y’all!

CALI [00:17:54] And I am Cali Redd.

KIM [00:17:55] Hey, guys. Well, it’s … we were just talking for a minute, say, wow, it’s been about two years since we last really kicked off our radio time when COVID hit.

JESSICA [00:18:04] It’s true.

CALI [00:18:05] Back in the days of Zoom.

KIM [00:18:07] Back in the day of Zoom.

JESSICA [00:18:07] Yes. Couple weeks ago we were here. We were talking about you, we were talking about the chamber and that’s how Cali and I met at one of the Leadership Boerne classes. That’s what we launched the whole thing.

CALI [00:18:16] We were in Leadership Boerne. Yes.

KIM [00:18:18] That’s a great… Well, you guys have just been a continuous support for us and just our leaders in the community and we couldn’t do what we do without you. So thank you. Before I forget to say that.

CALI [00:18:27] Oh, our pleasure.

KIM [00:18:29] Yes. Well, so chamber? Let’s talk about chamber life.

JESSICA [00:18:31] Yes, tell us …

CALI [00:18:32] Let’s talk all about the chamber life.

KIM [00:18:33] We’ve got a lot of chamber life happening. First of all, I’m really excited, we’re celebrating the Boerne-Kendall County Nonprofit Day, August 17th. So that’s pretty exciting. That’s …

CALI [00:18:44] Coming up soon.

JESSICA [00:18:45] Coming up soon, just a couple of days from now.

KIM [00:18:46] And that’s really an opportunity to embrace and celebrate and support all the local nonprofits. For those that don’t know, the Greater Boerne Chamber of Commerce actually has over 950 members with 130 of them being nonprofit.

CALI [00:18:59] 130? Wow.

KIM [00:19:01] So they make a big impact. They are a large portion of who we are and what we represent here in Boerne and we couldn’t do what we do without them as well, so we just really want to take a moment to celebrate them. So we brought them the City of Boerne and the county together to say, hey, let’s recognize the nonprofits and celebrate them and make it a thing. So…

CALI [00:19:20] So nonprofit day coming up on the 17th.

JESSICA [00:19:22] So wait, just, just let’s go back just a second. So for people that are just joining us, we were talking to the Boerne Chamber. Will you tell us a bit about what the Boerne Chamber actually is and what you guys do for our community?

KIM [00:19:33] Of course! Thank you. So many people forget or I forget because I live in it every day. So at the Boerne Chamber it is a membership organization. We are a nonprofit: 501(c)(6). And what that means really is, that people join the chamber to have the support of leadership, advocacy, education, and connections. So it allows us to really support the greater business community. It’s commerce, it’s maybe an older term, but it still is what it is. And so making sure that we’re supporting the greater business community in all aspects, whether it’s connecting you with nonprofits … for profit businesses, connecting the nonprofits together to say, hey, you can work together, you don’t have to compete for resources, making sure that new businesses are aware of the older businesses that are here and making sure that all the commerce and the economic success of our community is staying in our community. So that’s kind of what we do.

JESSICA [00:20:27] That’s ….

CALI [00:20:28] That’s a lot!

JESSICA [00:20:28] And you guys also work with the EDC, right?

KIM [00:20:31] We do. We have a great partnership with the EDC and the visitor center and also the City of Boerne and the county. So, it’s just this little small family of, of all the great things that Boerne has to offer. So…

JESSICA [00:20:44] That’s incredible.

KIM [00:20:46] And then a few other things that really play an impact in making sure that we’re continuing to connect others and educating others is our pickleball tournament. So ladies, do you play pickleball?

CALI [00:20:56] I do not play pickleball.

JESSICA [00:20:58] No, I do. I’ve gone one time. It’s actually kind of fun.

KIM [00:21:01] So people assume that I’m skilled because I’m tall and it’s, that’s not a good assumption.

JESSICA [00:21:07] [inaudible]It’s a short person event?

KIM [00:21:09] No, It’s just I’m not coordinated. I’m just like a hot mess out there.

CALI [00:21:12] Do you, do you use a, use a ping pong paddle?

KIM [00:21:15] No, it’s like a tennis racket … in between a tennis racket and like a paddle. Actually, I’m not too sure.

CALI [00:21:20] So it’s not a ping pong paddle?

KIM [00:21:21] No, it’s not a ping pong paddle. It’s a little bit bigger. But the good news is that our amazing team has coordinated a clinic prior to the pickleball tournament.

CALI [00:21:28] Oh, well, there you go.

KIM [00:21:30] So you’re in luck. So pretty much all of us are going to learn how to play pickleball right before the pickleball tournament. But there will be drinking involved. It’ll be at Fair Oaks Ranch.

CALI [00:21:37] Oh, my.

KIM [00:21:38] So, I mean, you can’t really go wrong again if you’re just tuning in, the Boerne Chamber, when we say connections and advocacy, yeah, education, drinking is sometimes involved. Yes. For events. So we’re really excited to be offering that. That’s going to be October 28th. So if you’re interested, you can visit our website at, uh, Boerne.org or, you know, call one of you ladies because you’re, you’re advocates and ambassadors for us, too.

CALI [00:22:02] We’ll let you know all about pickleball. Yeah. So October 28th, it’ll be nice and cool then hopefully.

KIM [00:22:07] Oh yes.

CALI [00:22:07] But the clinic is going to be a week in advance?

KIM [00:22:09] No, it’ll be … the hour before the….

CALI [00:22:11] Oh, just the same day? Not even to … Oh, well there you go.

KIM [00:22:14] Can’t forget anything.

CALI [00:22:16] Like cramming for the test.

KIM [00:22:17] Yes, pretty much. Again, with alcohol involved. And then we have the business conference. We’re really excited to bring it back. It’s been about two years since when we’ve been able to have it. It’s going to be November 16th. And so we … it’s a true conference. We have keynote speakers. We have breakout sessions ranging from workforce support to doing business in Boerne, working with the city and the EDC and marketing, HR, all the challenges that businesses face. We’re trying to address them all in one room and that will be at the Bevy Hotel on November 16th. So we’re very excited about that.

CALI [00:22:51] Very nice. Yes, that will be a good one.

KIM [00:22:53] So those for I mean, those are the big things that the Chamber are doing. But again, we always have after five mixers, so be sure to check the calendar and see and join us and give one of you a call. I mean, again, I’m looking to my left and to my right. And I have two amazing ambassadors for the chamber. If you’re a small business owner or a large business owner, and want to get plugged in. We welcome everyone and here everyone belongs. That’s our tagline. So…

JESSICA [00:23:16] Absolutely. I do want you to mention just a little bit more about the leadership program that you guys have, because both Cali and I speak very highly of it and we would not be here … Well, we wouldn’t have met each other had we not gone to that. So I think that that’s a spectacular and very special thing for us. So let people know a little bit about that Boerne leadership program.

KIM [00:23:34] That’s awesome. Thank you. Yes. So it’s a nine month program. It’s one day out of the month that about 25 different individual leaders in the community come together. And we educate them. We plug them into the city leadership. We actually go to the state capitol and say, hey, these are our state representatives that are representing Kendall County and how you can be plugged in and support the business community in relation to government affairs for our area. And then there is nonprofit day and so each day really has an impact and really ingraining those new leaders and leaders who have been here for a while and want to just know, hey, what’s what’s new in the area? What am I missing? How do I plug in? We also have another success story of Leadership Boerne, is we have a marriage happening next year, so we’re very excited. They met at the Leadership Boerne as well, right? Yeah.

JESSICA [00:24:24] Oh, how cute! Congratulations!

CALI [00:24:24] I did know about that. Yeah, yeah. That’s fun. That is fun.

KIM [00:24:28] And so and we have our alumni mixer. So we actually … The program’s been around for over 23 years at the Boerne Chamber. And so it’s made a huge impact and it’s just really, really fun. And you build lifelong friendships and it’s just a great way if you’re new to the community or you’re like, “Hey, I don’t know all these new people moving here. I want to get plugged in.” Come see us. We, you know, we have fun for sure.

CALI [00:24:50] We have a method to plug you in, for sure. Even if it’s pickleball.

KIM [00:24:52] Pretty much, yeah. There’s … no one’s like that.

CALI [00:24:54] Something for everyone.

JESSICA [00:24:55] There is. There is. You guys have golf tournaments, you have all sorts of fun stuff.

KIM [00:24:59] The business conference, I mean, there’s really … we’re pretty much doing something every week at this point. We also do a lot of ribbon cuttings. So if you want to come out and see what the chamber’s doing and get a little plugged in, in a safe way and not sure and come out to a ribbon cutting and check it out.

CALI [00:25:15] Yeah, ribbon cutting is great. And that does happen a couple of times a week.

KIM [00:25:18] Right. We have 4 a week, on average.

CALI [00:25:19] Right. And you can find out at the website, Boerne.org, or how could they call you if they wanted to just speak to someone.

KIM [00:25:26] You could call us at 830-249-8000. Glad, I remember that phone number.

CALI [00:25:32] Yes. Oh, I’m so sorry. And where are you located? In case someone wants to pop in.

KIM [00:25:35] We’re 121 South Main Street, right next to The Richter Boerne and also next to Black Rifle Coffee. We have a great little parking lot in the back, so come find us. Also, we’re very active on social media, so follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter or Instagram. All the things.

CALI [00:25:54] All the things.

JESSICA [00:25:56] All the things.

KIM [00:25:56] You can. We’re pretty much everywhere we could possibly be even down to Next Door. So, you can…

CALI [00:26:02] Oh the app?

KIM [00:26:02] Yes, that’s right. Yeah. Look at you. Yup.

CALI [00:26:05] It’s very good. So thank you so much for being here. It’s, it’s always fun to see you and glad that we were able to meet up right next door over here at 153 Main Street.

KIM [00:26:14] Yes. Oh, it’s so beautiful.

JESSICA [00:26:16] And so before we let you go, Kim, I know that a couple of years ago we asked you this question, so we’re just going to ask it to you again. What is one of your favorite places in Boerne to go or do?

KIM [00:26:25] So risky.

JESSICA [00:26:26] I know.

CALI [00:26:27] Or we could just say, what’s your favorite thing about Boerne?

CALI [00:26:29] Yeah. What’s your favorite thing about Boerne?

KIM [00:26:31] It’s the people. I love people some… Someone asked me today, it was one of those memes and it’s like, “I love Fill-in-the-Blank.” And I was like, “people?” I actually really like H-E-B, fun fact. I actually like to go alone and stroll the aisles in peace. It’s just my happy place. So fun fact. I don’t get to go very often. So, as a Chamber of Commerce President, I met all the other businesses, but the H-E-B is really where, you know, I can find my ground. And so I laugh though because it also takes me about 2 hours to get through. And I brought my kids on Sunday and my husband and they now have a bantering bet on how many people we’re going to see and uh, you know, and then whoever gets it gets to pick the candybar…

CALI [00:27:11] Curbside is your friend.

KIM [00:27:12] Well, well, there’s some days where it just doesn’t work. And I want to, again, I like, I like grocery shopping. I do. I just love the people and the food. And again, just … it’s just amazing to see that there’s business owners, I even say, like when I go to my son’s school program or you’re at the daycare, you’re seeing all these amazing business owners that and seeing the other side of their life and getting to know them on a more personal basis. And it just means that much more and has a greater impact of what you’re trying to do for them or when they come to you with a need or their business has a need. It’s like I know them on a deeper level and I have a real relationship with them. So that to me is what it’s really all about. It’s real.

JESSICA [00:27:52] It is.

CALI [00:27:53] It is real here in Boerne.

KIM [00:27:54] Solid REALty.

CALI [00:27:55] Still a small town.

KIM [00:27:57] I didn’t even plan that, but I’m so proud of myself right now. But my husband’s listening. He was like, throw a joke in here and there. He’s a dad joke king. I’m not. I’m not funny, so.

JESSICA [00:28:08] Aww.

KIM [00:28:08] Oh, great. Well, again, ladies, thank you for your leadership and this and Boerne Radio. They’re just doing an amazing job in our community, making a difference, bringing people together. You know, they’ve been with the chamber the first day they opened their doors and it’s just an honor to be alongside them on so many great initiatives in our community.

CALI [00:28:26] Thanks again, Kim, for being on The Real Estate of Texas. To learn more and get involved in the chamber, go to Boerne.org. Thank you so much for listening. We’d love to hear from you on this show and much more on demand at SolidRealtyGroup.com. And if we can help you sell your house or find a new home, feel free to give us a call at 210-827-3733.

JESSICA [00:28:46] Thanks, y’all. Have a great day!