Recently, we shared a blog post about 5 Improvements that DON’T increase your home’s value. Today we are sharing about which improvements DO add the MOST value!


There are tons of small DIY improvement projects that can add a lot of value to your home. For example, adding to the curb appeal can be simple and cost efficient with a great return on your investment. You would be surprised at what a difference adding some plants or even a small flower bed in the front yard can make. couple planting flowers in their yardReally pull it all together by giving the front door a refresh! A fresh coat of paint and a cute doormat will do! Hit up your local Home Depot or Lowes to pick up some paint and a few plants and set aside a weekend to complete this DIY project.

You can start with something like adding a fresh coat of paint to all the interior walls. Father and son prepare to paint a wallThis is a great area to invest in, though it’s important to look at what colors are popular right now, to make sure you’re actually adding to the value of your home, not just investing in something that the new buyer will want to paint over.  (Currently in 2021, we are seeing a lot of cool toned greys and neutrals!)


The BEST areas to invest in and really add the MOST value, are updating the bathrooms and the kitchen. building site interior the renovation of a bathroomBe aware that this could get costly if you’re not careful (and strategic!). For example, you could go all out in the kitchen and install new cabinets, counter tops, appliances, and even a new kitchen sink- but that’s a pretty big project (and investment!), and you could see just as good results by completing smaller improvements that you may even be able to do yourself, like painting.

p.s. — In our last post, we talked about how investing in all new appliances really doesn’t add much value, as there’s a good chance the buyer has their own appliances (like a refrigerator, washer/dryer set etc.,)  that they’ll be bringing, and they may request that you take yours with you!

Instead, focus on things like cabinets, counter tops, light fixtures and storage areas. Even just giving the space a refresh with a new paint color on the cabinets can make a huge difference (again, seeing a lot of cool toned greys, and white right now!)

In the bathrooms, switching out the light fixtures and vanity mirrors is a good place to start.

Keep in mind that you can achieve a lot of eye appeal by adding some decorative items and staging your house well for photos and showings, so you don’t have to get too carried away with renovations or improvements!

We hope this has helped give you some insight as to what home improvements are a good area to invest in, and which ones to think twice about!

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